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Kiki Inbox: Covering Imperfections

Dear Kiki,

Hey Kiki! can you help to recommend some products that will cover my birthmark?



Re: Covering Imperfections

Hi Melanie, to cover your birthmark, you will need to use a specialized foundation that will give you that ultimate coverage.   80 more words


55 People Reveal The Strangest Thing About Their Body

Found on AskReddit.

1. I cry when I pee or take a shit.

“I cry when I pee or take a shit. It’s not just tearing up, it’s literally tears streaming down my face. 3,732 more words

Night 253 (of being married).

Tonight my husband and I were having a conversation about arguments. We discussed what one would be like if we were really angry.
E, “What do you think an aggressive conversation between us would be like?” 200 more words


Birthmarks 101: reasons, treatment and prevention


Birthmarks are the formed due to irregular blood vessel formation in the early childhood days, most of the birthmarks fade away but some of them stick throughout the life. 415 more words

Picture Book Review: Sam's Birthmark

Sam’s Birthmark by Martha and Grant Griffin, illustrated by Mary Anne Smiley. Griffin Group Publishing, 2012. Review copy obtained through a public library.

According to the end matter, Martha and Grant Griffin were inspired to write Sam’s Birthmark after their son, Barron, was born with a port wine stain (vascular birthmark) on his face. 200 more words



It’s half past midnight and I keep staring out the window at the bare swaying branches glistening beneath the orange lamp post. I close my eyes and a moment with my daughter earlier in the day replays in my mind. 243 more words