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Birthmark bullies won't stop my Hollywood dream

Bullied mercilessly at school for her distinctive birthmarks, Marika never believed that she’d be able to accomplish her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress. Throughout her childhood, she suffered cruel taunts from school bullies, who said she looked like a ‘cow’ and was ‘splattered with mud’. 89 more words

Real Life

Why fit in when you are born to stand out(with a birthmark)?

Almost everyone is born with marks around their body. These marks vary in size, shape and appearance. Some of these marks are visible to the naked eye and you will often hear people passing remarks on the same – “What is this?? 322 more words


Days Like Today

Days like today are exhausting for me. After a weekend full of fun, swimming, and hanging out with friends, I woke up in extreme pain and had blood on my leg. 427 more words

Klippel Trenaunay

Awareness & Self Awareness

My whole life I’ve thought I was meant for something. I always struggled with feeling like I was meant to do something big, but never knew or understood what that was. 540 more words

Klippel Trenaunay

Kiki Inbox: Covering Imperfections

Dear Kiki,

Hey Kiki! can you help to recommend some products that will cover my birthmark?



Re: Covering Imperfections

Hi Melanie, to cover your birthmark, you will need to use a specialized foundation that will give you that ultimate coverage.   80 more words


55 People Reveal The Strangest Thing About Their Body

Found on AskReddit.

1. I cry when I pee or take a shit.

“I cry when I pee or take a shit. It’s not just tearing up, it’s literally tears streaming down my face. 3,732 more words

Night 253 (of being married).

Tonight my husband and I were having a conversation about arguments. We discussed what one would be like if we were really angry.
E, “What do you think an aggressive conversation between us would be like?” 200 more words