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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 13th August

I thought it was going to be a quieter day on the births front, but having trawled the internet I’ve come up with the following who have/are going to be scoffing cake whilst ripping their presents open and forgetting who they were from – inventor of the clarinet Johann Christoph Denner managed to get his breathing right in 1655. 928 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 12th August

After a few fairly quiet days on the births front, today, the ‘glorious’ 12th, things seem to have picked up a bit. That said, we must start with King of Norway and Denmark – Christian III reigned large from 1503. 900 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 11th August

We see ancient English Princess – Mary of York start today’s births paragraph given she was born in 1467 at Windsor Castle, well before low flying aircraft disturbed sleep there. 795 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 10th August

Today’s birthdays paragraph starts with John of Bohemia aka ‘John the Blind’ who was Count of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia and titular King of Poland but was able to see for his first 40 years from 1296. 857 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 9th August

German baroque composer Johann Michael Bach kicks things off today, given he seemed to hit the right note in 1648. Noted road, bridge and canal builder – Thomas Telford was one of the falling bodies in 1757. 766 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 8th August

Today’s posting begins with biologist who coined the term genetics – William Bateson had the pedigree in 1861. Non-relation to Jim and possibly one of the first people to get to the Geographic North Pole, Matthew Alexander Henson had his first expedition in 1866. 729 more words

Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 7th August

Births today begin with Roman Emperor Constantius II who ruled his parents lives from 317. Noblewoman and prolific serial killer Elizabeth Báthory nailed her birth in 1560. 746 more words