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The type

So there’s this thing about Sara and me that we kind of like the same type of women. I mean, her wife is pretty much the kind I’d probably feel attracted to, that is if she wasn’t her wife and if I wasn’t quite so much head over heals for Sara… Anyway, whenever we watch films together, we remark the same actresses. 116 more words



I found myself watching this video several times in a row. I finally realized it was because I was crushing on vintage Joan Jett. I was once asked what type of woman I was attracted to, and I didn’t really know how to answer. 191 more words

Complex creatures

I’ve said before that I wanted a girl friend. My husband gave me permission. Then I realized that meant I would have to actively go look for one. 417 more words


My life has been a series of weird events. Some of them made sense, but others don’t. I will always wonder why certain people had to enter my life, completely shake it up, then leave. 336 more words

Sexuality: A spectrum

Just like the electromagnetic spectrum which shows the colours of the rainbow (and more), sexuality isn’t just a rigid concept, but a fluid one.

For me, growing up was quite hard. 597 more words