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Going to a Sex Party and Not Having Sex

Note: This is very NSFW, which probably goes without saying.


I didn’t expect an invitation to a sex party when I started my first temp job, but somehow I received one. 917 more words

The silent B in LGBT

I joined a group on Facebook that is supposed to be for lesbian/bi/pan women. But when I asked if I was “allowed” to mention my marriage, I was basically told not to. 268 more words

The Skirt what Club?

This was my exact reaction when I received an email from a someone I met at a conferenceĀ to join and attend the Skirt Club. The invitation was saying something between the lines of “You are invited to join a private party that caters for intelligent, high-achieving women who think they might like to experiment”. 569 more words


Open Letter: Bi Women of Color, History of Misogyny, and our Bi Sisterhood.

Dear BIWOC Followers and Fans,

Thank you for following our tumblr page this past calendar year! We greatly appreciate your empathetic support especially towards honoring the voices of bi women of color, celebrating our rich cultures, denouncing violence against bi trans and cis women of color, speaking up to end colorism, and giving emotional and social isolation to one another in our community! 84 more words


A crappy poem

Your eyes are the Ocean I want to drown in.

Your hand is what I want to hold onto dearly.

Your character is the tomorrow I believe in… 31 more words

Stop giving me mixed signals!!!!

There’s this woman that has been giving me mixed signals. One days she’s super cuddly and the next day she’s mentally off. To other girls she’s pretty much ignorant, while with me she’s talkative, all smiley and wants to be around me most of the times. 129 more words

New website for the First Wednesday LGBT asylum seekers support and social group

The preliminary work on the new website for theĀ First Wednesday lgbt asylum seekers support and social group has been completed and the site has been launched at… 57 more words