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Bi Visibility Week - YA Books Featuring Bisexual Characters

This week (9/17 – 9/23) is Bi Visibility Week, which recgonizes the B in LGBTQIAP+ that stands for bisexual. I love all of my bisexual friends and I wanted to showcase some of my favorite books that I’ve read with bisexual representation + books I want to read that feature bisexuality for Bi Visibility Week. 105 more words

Young Adult

The Golden Age of Gay Bars in YYC

Calgary was booming in the 70s. The city’s population increased about 50% in those 10 years. Club Carousel, the only gay club at the beginning of the decade saw its popularity wane as commercial gay bars opened in the city. 605 more words


Bisexual Erasure and Monosexism in Rainbow Rowell's CARRY ON

Bisexual erasure is always a piece of poopy garbage, but it’s especially disheartening to encounter it while reading a book during Bi Visibility Week. Let me explain: 1,276 more words


Fridge Failed. How am I supposed to go on ?

Nope, I wish I was joking but my fridge had been dead for almost 3 weeks now.  For a family of four this is the equivalent of not having heat in the dead of winter. 370 more words

My incredible authentic Gold Double are renowned all over New Zealand.

My playmates and I are genuinely into each other, so in our Gold Double we don’t hold back – we do everything together… everything. 89 more words


Fresh, warm, homely, much more private than a hotel, why not spend a night or two with me in my Bed and Breakfast style accommodation? It’s just 15minutes from the Wellington CBD in a taxi or Uber. 145 more words