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How Does Sexuality Affect Style? • In The Closet

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The Fight for Purple

So at work, we have an employee resource group for the LGBT community. The group had been around for about 8 months when I was recently asked to join the board to help plan and assist in the direction of the group itself. 641 more words


What's between your legs? And why does it matter?!

A conversation happened today in which the subject of the events going on in the US was being discussed. I was present but not part of the discussion but when a remark was made that we didn’t need to worry , up here in Canada, and especially here in this city because, after all… there weren’t really that many gays. 1,118 more words

Good little girl

I was always the good little girl, I tried to be perfect, always!  I never made a bad grade in school, I never went to the office and I never got in trouble at home.   921 more words

Naughty and Moist Musings

Good morning, friends. I know I’ve been kind of silent lately. I’ve had a lot going on. My friend leaves this week. So, I should be back to my normal chattiness by Saturday. 183 more words


Wild Ride

Hoo boy, where do I begin?

I was due to be married December 18th. Past tense. My ex fiancee` and I decided to break up. We’re still friends, but it doesn’t hurt any less… 290 more words



We live surrounded by stereotypes and prejudices and, when it comes to the lgbt+ community, those prejudices increase. Mostly if you say that you are bisexual. 44 more words