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Why I Love "Love, Simon"

This past weekend, 20th Century Fox released the first major motion picture to focus on a gay main character and a gay relationship. As someone who not only appreciates film but is also a part of the LGBTQ community, this is a big step for companies to understand that not only releasing films that focus on more than just heterosexual relationships but just having characters that identify as more than straight and white is crucial for inclusion and celebration. 538 more words

I'm Gay Get Over It

I still don’t understand how in this day and age people still get their knickers in a twist over two people loving each other. I myself am open to anything and don’t have a problem with either sex liking each other. 156 more words

Skipping rhyme for 2018

Girls are brilliant,
boy are too,
but I’m non-binary,
through and through

Call me they
not he or she,
neutral pronouns
work for me

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Who is Liza anyway?

I had this idea in my head. Start a blog. Write it all down. It will be fun. More importantly, it will be easy. That’s what I have heard. 410 more words


Spare and Found Parts | Sarah Maria Griffin

Spare and Found Parts | Sarah Maria Griffin

There are  three rules:

1. The sick in the Pale, the healed in the Pasture.
2. Contribute, at all cost.

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#SOSS 9 - Games Week

SweeteN Dirty 
Now this sounds like a great game to potentially play with someone once you’ve established some consent, but haven’t gone too far in to the sexual side of you relationship. 308 more words


with or without benefits

It happened. I started a friends with benefits relationship on Jan 23rd, had sex with her 9 times and then it ended. All in a month and now it’s done. 199 more words