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Moving in Together: How Fast Is Too Fast?

What do lesbians bring on a second date?

A moving van. *Ba-dum-bum*

But is the old joke true – do lesbians have a tendency to move in with their partners much sooner than other couples would? 604 more words


My coming out: People question the validity of my bisexuality

Jane Pear came out as bisexual nearly 10 years ago and to this day, several people question her sexual orientation.

Despite being happily married to a man, Jane underlines an issue faced by many people who identify as bisexual: others labelling their sexual orientation as a quest for attention or failing to acknowledge being homosexual. 13 more words



It was my birthday yesterday ! 

It was pretty fun, I mean I got my nails done…FOR THE FIRST TIMEEEE, like a full set lol. I like them short ya know, so I can do things haha. Heres a picture —–>


Sexuality and family

I just read this beautiful essay on BuzzFeed about this woman and her struggles being out as bisexual. It was thought provoking and hit home in a lot of ways for me, especially the part about having to constantly deal with people who love you but do not understand. 527 more words

Moment of Clarity

I am bisexual

Love is a beautiful non-gender adventure to me…

There is much more I could say, but this is all that really matters

Matters Of The Heart

May as well just have called it Gay Pride... nobody else was represented

This weekend was Brighton Pride. It was supposed to be the all encompacing LGBT Pride. It is (in theory) supposed to represent everyone who falls under the big umbrella of non-straight persons and/or non-cis persons, but what happened was just plain awful. 1,546 more words