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Early Days (and the nights) : the fall of the night

The earlier chapter :

After lunch we both decided to watch some movie on video. Even though our minds were more occupied with other thoughts. I was having a fire inside and wanted to take her to bed for another session of play. 1,643 more words


Guest Post and Giveaway: Feather Fall by Evelyn Elliott (Spell Slave Book 2)

Hero and criminal. Brute force and subtle charm. Jonathan White and Crow Belcane are polar opposites, but if they want to rescue the man they both love, they’ll have to work together. 1,670 more words


Be My Queen by RayeAnn Carter (review)

Title: Be My Queen
Author: RayeAnn Carter
Genre:  Transgender Romance
Format:  Novella (38k words /114 pages)
Sites: Publisher | Goodreads… 218 more words

M/M Romance

Queer 26

If you had told me in my first instances of attraction to someone of the same gender that I would be fully comfortable with me orientation by my midtwenties I would have given a very confused look since I was three and I had just discovered David Yost as Billy the blue power ranger. 1,111 more words

What Is Happening?!

In an earlier post I wrote about falling in love at first sight. I met Christopher in D.C. and we had a romantic weekend that took my heart with it. 1,252 more words

I find myself going back
In time, replaying moments
In my mind, wishing I could
Go back and make things

Different. All the doors I didn’t… 87 more words

Bisexuality In Atlanta's African American Community

In this video Soncerae talks about the questions people ask her upon finding out she is bisexual.