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Will someone...?

…be so kind to remind me that there is nothing wrong with me for being bisexual?

I’m feeling self-conscious today, as if there is something horribly wrong with me. 6 more words




harmlessness, people

place on you when

you’re wearing a dress.

A flare of

pink. Oh,

how miscalculated.

xFelicia Nadel

Shanging My Head at Disney

When you think of Mulan, who do you think of? Mulan? Mushu? General Li Shang? Well, unfortunately in the live-action remake of the movie, you probably won’t see one of the main characters…Li Shang. 321 more words

LGBTQ or Q (Questioning)?

Some people are heterosexual…

And some are until they have their first encounter with the third kind.

I thought I was heterosexual, and perhaps i would be if I didn’t find women sooo attractive.  1,091 more words

Gender roles, expectations and LGBT hate is killing of individuality

I’m a cis-woman who identifies as fluid. Say what now? So I was born in a biologically female body. I have boobs and a vagina and I have feminine facial features and a feminine body type. 1,290 more words


Good day readers and followers! Its been so long ,I’ve been MIA and its been quite a ride. In fact I’m tired of always apologizing about my inconsistency on the blog. 468 more words


I'm Alice and I'm Bisexual

Hi. My name is Alice and I’m bisexual.

Until a week ago, I thought I was pretty ‘out’. Then I went to see Love, Simon (which was amazing) and realised that I was actually still quite closeted. 69 more words