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Indonesia News | Gay Men

More than 100 arrested and 2 publicly flogged as Indonesian authorities target gay men
  • Jakarta┬ápolice confirmed that 141 men had been rounded up at a sauna party and jailed, subject to pornography charges.
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Russia News | Gay Men

Russia begins investigation into abduction, torture, and massacre of gay men in Chechnya
  • Government officials reportedly launched an investigation as international pressure increased following reports from human rights organizations about the…
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Eskilstuna Pride

“What’s your name? Are you German or something?”, I was asked by the bloke who sat down beside me offering me a beer. He was part of a larger group of men and women sitting at the adjoining table at Eskilstuna Pride. 290 more words


Dangerous Tide...

She is the moon, pulling current from the soul-full eyes of a storm. Brewing for years, waiting for the right time to touch-down.

Between her fantasy and her future, unsure which one to prefer. 66 more words

Saturday Mornings

Summer 2017.

I just finished my first year of university. It’s supposed to be summer yet, it is currently 57 degrees fahrenheit and cloudy. I live in Northern California so expecting a stereotypical California summer is not exactly realistic. 370 more words


You and me...

Bury me under six feet of your covers, crawl in with me. It’s nice and wet down here.

Run your lips across my shoulders; whisper secrets at my ear. 106 more words