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The pool

Its crazy.  I feel crazy.
My sister used to tell me that I was not normal because I never dated, I just dove full strength into a relationship without getting to know the person first. 512 more words


Trump Administration revoked Obama's protections for Transgender students' bathroom use.

I cant believe what I am reading! This just isn’t right! Transgender children deserve all the same rights, privileges and consideration as any other child! Check out the link below on the article in… 9 more words

Bisexuality in YA Fiction

Although I’ve read what feels like an abundance of YA novels featuring gay male protagonists, I’ve only read maybe three books featuring bisexual female protagonists. And I’ve read all three of them in the past three months. 1,935 more words

Book Reviews

The Gender Template

The following is a blog post I wrote from my AP Lang class project on gender:

Gender. The word itself brings back memories of baby showers decorated in all blue, sitting through long sermons about how ladies should conduct themselves, and the rigorous dress codes… 1,272 more words


The Greatest Love Story I've Never Told

The first time I can remember feeling beautiful was the first time I read what it meant to be a Libra. I do believe that moment sparked my lifelong love affair with astrology. 2,064 more words

L.A. Makeover

The New Old Me by Meredith Maran was in some ways, a story I was able to identify with. Unfortunately, in many ways it was not. 228 more words

Gaybasher Killed in Central Park

Central Memorial Park has a history of being a cruising park for gay men, and there are many related stories of police harassment there, as well as gay bashing incidents in the now gentrified Beltline greenspace.   311 more words