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1.4.0 Shoot #21

Last shoot before the exhibition.

“You could say it’s for my own selfish gains but it helps me…it stops me wanting someone else…” 236 more words

5. Final Major Project

There's a knife in my hand/head

I don’t know which.

But I do know for sure that there is a knife in my hand or my head, quite possibly both.

How do I know this ? 552 more words



I am a marshmallow
She wants to eat,
Soft and sweet.
My long, smooth legs
A road.
Between them,
A cabin to winter in.

What is imperfect… 34 more words


Top of the evening to you (#stolen), my name is Ryan and I am heavily frustrated that I don’t have a theme song. Sometimes I think about making this into a vlog, most times I don’t. 655 more words

happy pride

(this is late but still relevant)

love is not

a game i

have learnt to


but to all

those who have

those who are… 31 more words


Sexuality Sucks, Or Moreover Our Current Perception of it Sucks.

The way we see sexuality is boxes for others to understand us.

Not everyones lives are constrained to these boxes and if people are able to free themselves of these boxes that is brilliant. 470 more words