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Day 23: Lost in Jodhpur

I got lost in the market. Well, to be honest, it was more of a maze than a market. I don’t even think that it would be possible to draw a map of the place. 651 more words


Village tour around Jodhpur and the Mehranghah fort


Jodhpur is known as the blue city and famous for the Mehranghah fort that towers over the city. At our home stay we have a great view from the rooftop of the fort especially when it is lit up at night. 389 more words


The Tribal Vegans of the Bishnoi Villages, Near Jodphur - 20th January 2015

I’ve been writing a travel blog about my Dad and I’s journey around India, ‘The Jalebi Express’.  We visited some tribal vegans recently, wonderful peace-loving people living in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan.   17 more words


The Tribal Vegans of the Bishnoi Villages, Near Jodphur - 20th January 2015

We find our hostess Zafran in the one of the small bazaars beneath the guesthouse, where many lanes form a haphazard knot , barking at her nephews to polish the car. 3,703 more words


Rajasthan Diary – Bishnoi Village,Jodhpur (Day 2)

The day was even more colder than previous night at Jaipur. Our plan was to exit city as soon as possible. But was not possible in a foggy morning when one can only dream a cozy blanket and cup of tea.  453 more words


Breakfast with Bishnoi - Bishnoi Village in Jodhpur

God is nature and his presence is felt everywhere around, for he’s the omnipotent,Omnipresence of the ultimate power called God lies within you. ‘Loko Samashta Sukhino Bhavandu’ – this is what our heritage has taught us, our prayers are for the sake of entire universe,  also for the well being of one and all living creatures living on it. 361 more words