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A Reading church makes a sacrifice

The curate of Christ Church in Reading answered the call of the Bishop to take up an army chaplaincy.

Mr Hepple has accepted an Army Chaplaincy and leave for the Front as soon as possible. 66 more words

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"There is so much one would like to do"

The National Registration Act of July 1915 authorised the compilation of a register of men and women of military age, with a view to the eventual introduction of conscription. 360 more words

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How the Church of England Men's Society can help those at the Front

The Church of England Men’s Society was a national church organisation whose many local branches provided a social and fellowship meeting for men. Founded in 1899, it existed up until 1985. 162 more words

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'Treating' soldiers with free booze renders them unfit for their great task

The problem of drunken servicemen at home prompted many expressions of concern. One reason for this was the habit of ‘treating’ men to free drinks while home on leave. 181 more words

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A true sense of hope

The vicar of Warfield was pleased that worshippers were all committed to prayers of intercession for the war.



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Cold wet evenings spur us to greater sacrifices

The vicar of Earley urged his flock not to forget the spiritual dimensions of the war.

My Dear People

There are two subjects in my mind upon which I should like to say a word this month. 317 more words

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A midday reminder of the brave men fighting for King and Country

The church bell of St Nicolas’ Church in Newbury was rung daily during the war. The parish magazine explained to parishioners why this was:

The daily ringing of the Bell at mid-day is intended for a reminder to us of the brave men who are fighting for King and Country by sea and land, and as a call to us to offer up a short prayer for them at that hour, wherever we may be: and our Bishop has expressed the hope that this time may be one in which every parish may learn afresh the lesson of Prayer. 7 more words

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