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Pythagoras' Influence on Yeshua & Early Disciples' Lives, Teachings & Writings

Pythagoras was an Essene in the same temple where we later find Yeshua and John the Baptist, to list but two whom many will know.  If you read the golden sayings of Pythagoras (which I have set out further along in this blog) you will find there is much parallelism later found in the few words that have managed to make it into the church’s much edited book we hold to be the gospel, the whole gospel and the entirety of the teachings that resulted from the presence of Yeshua and his days of ministry with the disciples. 1,859 more words


Today's Saint: St Patrick, Apostle of the Irish

Introduction from the Confession of St. Patrick, an autobiography

I am Patrick, a sinner, most unlearned, the least of all the faithful, and utterly despised by many.

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Saint of the Day

Today we give thanks for the life of Saint Damasus I. He was Bishop of Rome from 366 A.D. to 384 A.D. During this period, Christianity was declared the official religion, Latin became the official language of the Church (as opposed to Greek), & Saint Damasus encouraged Jerome to translate the Bible into Latin. 25 more words

Ecclesiastical Sewing

A Decree from Caesar Augustus

Pastor Ron Lewis: Faith Bible Church, Warren, PA.

This week Pastor Ron begins a Christmas series called “The Birth of Jesus Christ.”  He begins by taking us to Luke 2:1-3 where we find Caesar Augustus making a decree that a census be taken of all the people in the Roman Empire.  88 more words

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