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28. St. Caius 283-296

The Church of Santa Susanna of Rome was built in the early 1600s and it was built on the site of an earlier Church that can trace its lineage back to when it was the house that belonged to Pope Caius. 200 more words

Pope Francis To Followers: “Koran And Holy Bible Are The Same”

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On Monday the Bishop Of Rome addressed Catholic followers regarding the dire importance of exhibiting religious tolerance. During his hour-long speech, a smiling Pope Francis was quoted telling the Vatican’s guests that… 288 more words


26. St. Felix I 269-274

Hardly anything is known about Pope Felix,as he only appears in our history during one incident with a eastern church in Antioch. A priest named Paul of Samosata started preaching that Jesus was merely a man until he was baptized and only then did he become the Son of God. 139 more words

A little humor and a serious point from the Pope of Rome

In his meeting with the Religious, Priests, and Seminarians of Ecuador, the Pope gives them a few points in love and humor for us to remember. 20 more words

Pope Francis

25. St. Dionysius 259-268

The persecution of Christians by Emperor Valerian was so severe and unrelenting that it was over a year before we could gather together to elect a new Pope. 166 more words