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On the Papacy: Part I

Introduction: The Papacy: A Look at the Biblical Case and the Apostolic Tradition of St. Peter, Vicar of Christ.

A friend of mine and companion in the faith in Christ, challenged me to provide evidence from Sacred Scripture for a litany of Catholic doctrines he thought were unbiblical. 2,775 more words


87. Pope Sisinnius 708

Pope Sisinnius,besides having a hard to pronounce name,had the fifth shortest reign as Pope with just 21 days in office. A Syrian by birth,he was known as a man of strong Holy character,but he was terribly ill when he was chosen. 146 more words

The Reformation: What is Anglicanism (Part 2)

In order to understand what Anglican is, you need to understand first of all the context in which Anglicanism as a separate stream of Christianity emerged. 1,088 more words

How dangerous is the Pope?

InĀ 2014, Cardinal Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, the second highest judicial office in the Catholic Church, was removed from his post by Pope Francis. 941 more words

Conspiracy Theories

85. Pope John VI 701-705

Pope John’s papacy started off stressful and never let up during his four year term. The new emperor of Constantinople,Tiberius III,sent his Exarch of Italy into Rome to “cause trouble for the Pontiff”(for some reason not specified). 146 more words

80. Pope St.Leo II 682-683

Pope Leo II was basically a rubber stamping Pope. The Third Council of Constantinople had been called to condemn the heresy known as Monothelitism. The emperor of Constantinople and the previous Pope,Agatho,had called the council to condemn Monothelitism and bring together the western and eastern Churches. 81 more words

79. Pope St.Agatho 678-681

Monothelitism was the teaching that Jesus had both human and Divine natures but only one Divine will. This is in opposition to the Catholic position that Jesus had both human and Divine wills. 245 more words