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15. St. Zephyrinus 199-217

The relative peaceful relationship with the Roman empire during Pope Victor’s time came crashing down right on St. Zephyrinus’s head. The new emperor,Severus,declared war on Christians around the year 202,and he forbid anyone from converting to the faith under threat of the severest penalties in what became one of the bloodiest persecutions of Christians known at that time. 201 more words

14. St.Victor I 189-199

One of three Popes from Africa,St.Victor served as Bishop of Rome during a relatively peaceful time. Peaceful for Christians…..but for heretics? Not so much. Victor was excommunicating heretics left and right,gnostics,montanists,a guy named Theodotus;all felt the wraith of Victor. 179 more words

13. St. Eleuterus 174-189

Born in Greece,Eleuterus had been a deacon of the Church since Pope Anicetus. He issued(or rather,re-issued),a decree that no food should be despised by Christians. Being that was there was no Cracker Barrel two thousand years ago,he would have not known of the dreaded Hashbrown Casserole,for he surely would have banned any sane person from eating this. 114 more words

12. St. Soter 166-174

Continuing our Easter theme,previous Popes had been celebrating Easter on the Sunday following Passover,Pope Soter formally inaugurated the day as an annual festival in Rome. St. 264 more words