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St Hyginus, Bishop of Rome, Martyr

Bishop of Rome during the second century, St Hyginus suffered martyrdom under the emperor Hadrian A.D. 142.

Collect of the Day

O God, who didst found Thy Church upon the most firm foundation of an apostolic rock in order to deliver her from the dreadful powers of hell, give her, we beseech Thee, that through the intercession of the blessed Hyginus Thy Martyr and Sovereign Pontiff, she may produce at all times in Thy truth so as to enjoy always a secure defence.

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51. Pope St.Symmachus 498-514

The sudden death of Pope Anastasius II had the clergy and laity scrambling to elect a new Pope. Both Pope Symmachus and archpriest Laurentius were elected within hours of each other. 321 more words

A Sign of the Jubilee by Pope Francis

A Sign of the Jubilee by Pope Francis

Vatican, December 16, 2015


A Sign of the Jubilee

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Good morning! On Sunday the Holy Door was opened in the Cathedral of Rome, the Basilica of St John Lateran, and a Door of Mercy was opened in the Cathedral of every diocese of the world, and also in shrines and churches indicated by bishops. 1,224 more words

วัดนักบุญฟรังซีสเซเวียร์ สามเสน

50. Pope Anastasius II 496-498

Divine retribution! That was the cry of the Romans when Pope Anastasius II died two years into his Papacy. Whew,that is one unpopular Pontiff. Pope Anastasius II tried to reconcile with the Eastern Bishops that had been estranged from Rome for nearly thirty years. 223 more words

St Sylvester, Bishop of Rome, Confessor

According to the legend of the Breviary, St Sylvester decreed

  • that the bishop alone should consecrate the oil of chrism;
  • that in the administration of Baptism the priest should anoint with the holy oils the crown of the person being baptised;
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49. Pope St.Gelasius I 492-496

Lupercalia was an ancient pagan Roman festival that lasted from February 13th to the 15th and was basically three days of drunken orgies,bizarre public sexual whippings,and some kind of lottery where a man drew the name of a random woman who then became his…..ummm….companion during the festival or longer. 185 more words

48. Pope St.Felix III 483-492

Pope Felix III was born into Roman aristocracy and he was the great-great-grandfather of Pope Gregory the Great(590-604). The fall of the Roman empire caused eastern Bishop Acacius of Constantinople to assume that he should rule all of Christianity instead of the Bishop of Rome and he made a pact with various heretics to gain support for his move. 135 more words