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63. Pope Pelagius II 579-590

Pope Pelagius II was a native of Rome and took over the Papacy during its siege by the dreaded Lombards. The Pope couldn’t fight back against them,and couldn’t talk any of his allies into helping to fight them so Pelagius basically just paid the Lombards to leave. 196 more words

62. Pope Benedict I 575-579

Pope Benedict was elected to the Papacy immediately after Pope John III passed away but he couldn’t take the office for nearly a year. Newly elected Popes needed to be approved by the emperor of Constantinople. 126 more words

Apostolic Succession is False, Part 1

The Prologue of the Catholic Catechism or CCC explains its purpose.

As the Catechism explains, it “presents an organic synthesis of the essential and fundamental contents of Catholic doctrine”, and ¬†it is intended for Bishops, “teachers of the faith and pastors of the church” to use as an “instrument in fulfilling their responsibility of teaching the People of God.” This documents what the Catholic Church teaches their followers and as any document claiming to be for “Christian faithful” we must as always hold it to the light of scripture. 91 more words


60. Pope Pelagius I 556-561

Born to a wealthy and noble Roman family,Pope Pelagius was the second of the Popes handpicked by the emperor of Constantinople. The previous Pope had been slowly tortured by emperor Justinian into accepting heretical positions. 244 more words

Very brief thought on popes emeritii

When your pastor retires, he is not called Father Emeritus John Smith.
Rather, Father John, Pastor emeritus of St. Whatshisname Parish.

When your bishop retires, he is not called Bishop Emeritus Sean Patrick Murphy. 236 more words

Theology And Ecumenism

Evangelization. Church or Kingdom?

I believe that the Kingdom of God is certainly bigger than the Church. Each of us has a prophetic ministry that may require us to minister even outside institutional and ecclesiastical walls. 264 more words

St Hyginus, Bishop of Rome, Martyr

Bishop of Rome during the second century, St Hyginus suffered martyrdom under the emperor Hadrian A.D. 142.

Collect of the Day

O God, who didst found Thy Church upon the most firm foundation of an apostolic rock in order to deliver her from the dreadful powers of hell, give her, we beseech Thee, that through the intercession of the blessed Hyginus Thy Martyr and Sovereign Pontiff, she may produce at all times in Thy truth so as to enjoy always a secure defence.

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