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All the Popes thus far.....

I gathered all the Popes together that I’ve made for this blog. 44 Popes down,only 222 Popes to go. Foam,sharpies and hot glue go a long way. 20 more words

44. Pope St.Sixtus III 432-440

Pope Sixtus III was a Roman born man who continued the work of his predecessor Pope Celestine. This work mainly consisted of battling heresies;The early Popes are always seeming to do nothing but battle heresies. 128 more words

41. Pope St. Zosimus 417-418

The ill-tempered Pope Zosimus was only in office for a little under two years and he did his very best to irritate or exhaust everyone he came into contact with. 224 more words

38. Pope St. Siricius 384-399

Siricius was unanimously elected to the Papacy in 384 and he is widely regarded as the first Pope to be called……well….Pope. Now this doesn’t mean that there were not Popes before him,as some Protestants would claim,it just means that the leader of our Church wasn’t always called Pope.He also didn’t always wear a big hat either.The word Pope is from the Latin word Papa,which means Father,and lest anyone question that the Pope was in charge,Siricius is also the first Pope to use the title PONTIFEX MAXIMUS,which basically means he’s the chief priest of the Christian world. 89 more words

The Kentucky Clerk And The US Constitution

The Kentucky clerk is back in the news, which is unfortunate for her and for us.

The media come up with these catch names for the characters of their stories, such as ‘Kennedy cousin’, ‘Arizona shooter’, the NY prison worker,¬†and so on, in lieu of their real names. 904 more words


Kim Davis Lies About Papal Support

When Francis, the Bishop of Rome, paid a visit to the United States, he met briefly with many different people from many walks of life. As it turns out, one of those people was… 187 more words

Civil Liberties

Crowds at White House welcome Pope Francis on his first full day in the U.S.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis waves while he greets school children prior to his departure from the Apostolic Nunciature, the Vatican’s diplomatic mission in the heart of Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 1,158 more words