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10. St. Pius I 142-155

A former slave born in northern Italy,Pius was the bishop of Rome when those pesky Gnostics and Marcionites came to town. The origin of the word “Heresy” means “to choose”,and these groups of herectics would cherry pick bits of Christianity to pervert and twist for ideas suited to their own agendas. 160 more words


Today's Saint: St Patrick, Apostle of the Irish

Introduction from the Confession of St. Patrick, an autobiography

I am Patrick, a sinner, most unlearned, the least of all the faithful, and utterly despised by many.

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9. St. Hyginus 138-142

Previously a Greek philosopher,Hyginus established the early Ecclesiastical hierarchy of the Church, which has now gone on to include Bishop of Rome at the top,then Cardinal,then Cardinal-Bishop,then Cardinal Presbyter,then Cardinal Protopresbyter,then Cardinal Deacon,well,you get the picture. 135 more words


Be in Dialogue with the World

Many people believe that the Catholic Church should change and adapt to the changing conditions of society. The Bishop of Rome has been pushing for the acceptance of practising homosexuals and Communion for remarried divorcees ever since he became the head of the Catholic Church. 219 more words

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8. St. Telesphorus 125-137

St. Teleshorus was a anchorite before journeying into Rome. I know,I had to look up the word “anchorite” too; it means recluse or hermit. The discipline he learned as a religious recluse no doubt contributed to his issuing a keeping of a seven week lent before Easter. 106 more words


7. St. Sixtus I 116-125

Pope Sixtus,or wait,is his name Xystus? The earliest texts refer to Pope Sixtus(and the next three Popes named Sixtus),as Pope Xystus. Xystus is derived from a Greek word meaning “shaved”,or “Polished”. 153 more words


6. St. Alexander 109-116

At one point in history Alexander was credited with introducing the narrative of the last supper during Mass,and with the idea of sprinkling water into the sacramental wine. 112 more words