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17. St. Urban I 222-230

Roman born Bishop Urban’s time in office was initially a peaceful one,but it would not last. Following the murder of Roman Emperor Elagabalus,the next Emperor was Alexander Severus,and he was fairly open minded to Christianity(his mom liked Christians…..awwww).The Catholic Church saw much growth during this time of relative freedom and Urban was a strong leader that converted hundreds of Romans. 194 more words

16. St. Callixtus I 217-222

Oh this guy…..this guy got off to a rough start. A young slave belonging to a Christian named Carpophorus,young Callixtus was given the job of looking over the offerings and funds collected for Christian widows and orphans,which Callixtus then freely spent on God knows what for himself. 280 more words

15. St. Zephyrinus 199-217

The relative peaceful relationship with the Roman empire during Pope Victor’s time came crashing down right on St. Zephyrinus’s head. The new emperor,Severus,declared war on Christians around the year 202,and he forbid anyone from converting to the faith under threat of the severest penalties in what became one of the bloodiest persecutions of Christians known at that time. 201 more words

14. St.Victor I 189-199

One of three Popes from Africa,St.Victor served as Bishop of Rome during a relatively peaceful time. Peaceful for Christians…..but for heretics? Not so much. Victor was excommunicating heretics left and right,gnostics,montanists,a guy named Theodotus;all felt the wraith of Victor. 179 more words