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32. St. Miltiades 311-314

Pope Miltiades was our second Pope that came from Africa. He arrived after a period of sede vacante of the Papacy,or in simpler terms,the Pope’s seat was empty. 252 more words

30. St. Marcellus I 306-309

There is a two year gap between Popes due to the unrelenting persecution of Christians during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. A new Emperor named Maxentius came into power and relaxed the anti-Christian laws. 144 more words

Pope Question: You say 'Roman Bishop' and 'Pope' - what do you mean?

I was explaining to someone my upcoming research project into the sources of the earliest collections of papal letters recently, and this question came up. It’s actually a very good question, because it helps clarify what the person with whom you are speaking actually means by the terms. 493 more words

Classic Christianity

28. St. Caius 283-296

The Church of Santa Susanna of Rome was built in the early 1600s and it was built on the site of an earlier Church that can trace its lineage back to when it was the house that belonged to Pope Caius. 200 more words