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Should Christians Use Religious Titles?

MUCH is said about a shortage of clergymen in Christendom today, but there is hardly a shortage of religious titles among them. Some titles are simple; others are pretentious. 1,040 more words


Catholic leaders arrested, detained in China

ICC Note:
Hebei authorities have instigated a campaign of religious persecution against underground Catholic adherents, including a bishop, a priest and two laypersons.
The fact that ‘all religious personnel’ have been ordered to keep authorities informed of their whereabouts is an ominous sign. 233 more words

Prayer Uproar

Succession and Commissioning to Leadership in the Early Church

Leadership succession is a big issue in churches and ‘streams’ right now. The recent appointments of relative outsiders to be the new Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury show that the Roman Catholic and Anglican denominations are concerned to have the right man at the helm for a new generation of the Church. 487 more words

A Reading from Sandra Marchetti's Confluence: "Lattice"

Hear Sandra Marchetti read her poem, “Lattice,” here!

Confluence is now available for purchase at the Sundress Store.

Sandra Marchetti is the author of Confluence, a debut full-length collection of poetry from Sundress Publications. 103 more words


Left Behind

Pat and Lynn stood outside of the chapel underneath the sycamore tree, the alabaster branches radiating in the sunlight as if covered in snow.

“I hate this church. 197 more words

Short Fiction

May Adventures!

Sometimes I have this problem when I start a new season that I decide not to go on adventures and just hang out around town or housing instead of getting out and seeing things. 1,197 more words

Mammoth Lakes

AUDIO | "A.G. E." @Just_Bishop @Solidified_

Another new cut destined to hit the playlist for summer/BBQ’s today. iLLustrious member Bishop drops his latest track, a fun and bouncy one that sees him displaying a polished flow and charisma. 21 more words