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Hi,i’m back :) and i’m so sorry for this half a month long hiatus even though I promised i’d start blogging weekly or so.but i have some quite valid reasons to do so.First of all,my laptop wasn’t with me,and quite frankly i’m too lazy to blog on my computer…                           second of all,i was so busy in practicing for the award day, in which I received certificates for topping in Economics,and Arts,and was there in the same function for the choir sessions almost simultaneously ,which was quite frightening if you ask me,since i had to jump onto the stage to receive my award just after the singing…and well,the chief guest was the ex-defence general of the country. 142 more words

Bishops College

Motivational/Theological Moment

Motivational/Theological Moment

Sometimes your name is in the middle of strife, and people try to limit your future because of your past. Sometimes those most graced, can’t see your value. 254 more words