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The Sin of Jeroboam

Theology And Inspirational Moment

After the death of Solomon, the Kingdom of the 12 tribes of Israel was split due to civil war. 10 tribes in the North would be lead by a king of the name Jeroboam. 558 more words


Water Polo Nationals: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

Congratulations to Navy and OTSC ‘A’ (Visakha) for winning the Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Nationals played last Monday. There can be no doubt that the best two teams won the tournament, although it was a bit disappointing that the finals were not close rum affairs.  1,475 more words

Eric Gairy Visits Carriacou.

Eric Gairy Visits Carriacou.

Making ‘Uncle’ Eric.

Eric Gairy was elected ‘Premier’ in late 1967. He made a point of travelling to Carriacou soon after. Despite huge popularity in Grenada, Gairy was not Carriacou’s favourite politician. 510 more words


Bishop's College Field Trip

Bishop’s College Field Trip

February 1st 1968

Teaching Conundrums at Bishop’s College.

Whilst teaching GCE ‘O’ Level Geography and some 4th year Biology I was somewhat surprised  how much of the GCE syllabi were based on examples from the UK. 983 more words


Bishop's College Presentation Evening

Bishop’s College Presentation Evening

Thursday 21st December 1967

My diary for that day reads as follows:

‘What a day! A number of students turned up to help with the exhibition and, at last it’s finished. 396 more words


Bishop's College Library

Bishop’s College Library

Mr Alleyne was very keen to introduce a library into Bishop’s College. The problem was the College had no money to put in the necessary fittings or buy books. 670 more words


New Year Celebrations

New Year Celebrations

If I thought Christmas had been a hectic round of feting and celebrations it hardly prepared me for the New Year festivities. With Christmas hardly over we were thrown into a headlong flight towards Old Year’s Night and New Year’s Day, as my diary notes suggest. 900 more words