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New Cardinal of Brussels continues to mutilate his diocese

Cardinal Jozef De Kesel is running a faithful monastic order out of town.

Another attack on those trying to live a faithful life based on the teachings of the Church by another prince of the Church.  

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Bishop Schneider: Priests ‘have to refuse’ order from bishop to give Communion to adulterers

‘When a bishop even or a Pope commands me to sin I have to refuse.’

I love this guy.  Keep your eye on his progress.  It’s possible he’s a future papal candidate.  

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UK Cardinal defends Amoris, pope’s ‘patience and reserve’ in not answering dubia

Cardinal Vincent Nichols appears to have changed his position on Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried.

Given his self contradicting comments over two years I suspect pressure and position are at play.  

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Synod and Sunlight


I’ve held off commenting or writing at all about “that” General Synod debate this week…the difficulty with being a BBC employee, it quite rightly, prohibits me from saying anything remotely partisan. 475 more words

Stormy Weather


I have a few days off so am sitting here listening to what could be Storm Doris or whatever it inevitably comes to be called. 749 more words

Benevolence and benefits of Sharia Law explained

It is really unfortunate that so few of us, including myself, remain ignorant of Islam, and what it stands for. It really came to the fore when  last week’s Q&A featured a verbal fight between senator Jacqui Lambie and the  engineer and Muslim activist  Yassmin Abdel-Magied.  252 more words

Gerard Oosterman

On not Taking Notice

Sermon for Mattins at Sexagesima, 19 February 2017

Romans 8:18-25, Matthew 6:25-34

‘Don’t worry: be happy’. I think I remember a pop song along those lines. 1,851 more words