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Hail, Holy Wilfrid, Hail!

This is the full, original text from an 1852 edition of Fr. Faber’s hymnal Jesus and Mary. It is listed under the title “St. Wilfrid” in that hymnal. 337 more words

The Church Year

Hail, Patron Of Erin! Bright Star Of The West

This is the text of this hymn as it appears in the 1906 edition of the St. Basil Hymnal:

Hail, Patron of Erin! bright Star of the West, 183 more words

The Church Year

Hibernia's Champion Saint, All Hail!

This is the text of this hymn as it appears in the 1906 edition of the St. Basil Hymnal:

Hibernia’s Champion Saint, all hail!
With fadeless glory crown’d; 251 more words

The Church Year

I sacrificed myself to save two worlds

(Source: www.theverge.com)

At SXSW 2018, I was invited to take part in a four-day immersive story experience called a SimuLife. Mounted by the Austin-based creative lab Interactive Deep Dive, SimuLife is meant to blur the line between fantasy and reality by letting me interact with the story as part of daily life. 2,288 more words


The Bishop Review

Beginning in the summer of 2018, the Traditian Order will start its process of grading the bishops of the Church, all around the world, regarding their respect for, and defense of, Catholic tradition.  57 more words


Scapegoating gay priests is not treating them with "respect, compassion, and sensitivity".

During my lifetime, the single thing that has driven more people from the Catholic Church here in the United States is the scandal about priests molesting children and bishops covering for them. 673 more words


A Tale of Two Talks

I just watched replays of rallies at which President Trump and former Vice President Biden spoke in support of their respective candidates for the special election for a vacant congressional seat in western PA.  351 more words