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Ace Jubblies, Dual Mammaries: How Not to Make a Visual Novel, Starring the Sakura Series

(Warning: In virtue of what I’m talking about, some of the images and material is not worksafe. You have been warned. Also, some of these images are official promotional art, and other screenshots have been made by me.) 3,795 more words


Of bishojo games, eroge, visual novels and anime...

You know what dear reader, if there’s one great thing about anime is that you can make an anime from almost any topic. 640 more words

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Japanese otakus are seriously a freaky bunch...and please don't call anime fans otakus.

After seeing the type of businesses that have sprung up recently to cater to the taste of Japanese otakus (and to suck their wallet dry of money), they must be a pretty pervert and subversive species. 254 more words

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