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Nothing is Forever - except a cancer diagnosis

Once you have been diagnosed with cancer, life changes forever. For you and for your family, it is unlikely that you will ever look on life in the same way. 1,101 more words

Oh dear

So I’ve got down to mid 12mg from 15mg but the 20% drop makes a big difference. I’m waking with stiff hips and my brain has gone to complete mush with the deep exhaustion coming and going unpredictably. 612 more words

PMR (polymyalgia Rheumatica)


Just a quick update:

Two days ago I heard that my opinion that you should  try to eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day  is official news on the BBC. 108 more words

PMR (polymyalgia Rheumatica)

Well it's been a while...

I know. Stuff happened. But I’m back.

Since my last post, my face got bigger still sigh. I’ve never had a proper double chin before. And my stomach is bulging… 839 more words

PMR (polymyalgia Rheumatica)


You will be pleased to know I have been very diligent in the back exercise department.  Very diligent indeed.  I still cannot pick things up from floor easily but I am moving with far less discomfort and am no longer confined to the house.   268 more words

Osteoporosis Clinic

Following my diagnosis of osteoporosis back in October, I started taking oral Bisphosphonates immediately.  This was a jolly good thing.  For two reasons: good for my bones; good for… 429 more words

JBJS Editor’s Choice: Improving Function After Fragility Fractures

In the past several years, the orthopaedic community has become highly engaged in improving the follow-up management of patients presenting with fragility fractures. We have realized that orthopaedic surgeons are central to the ongoing health and welfare of these patients and that the episode of care surrounding a fragility fracture represents a unique opportunity to get patients’ attention. 224 more words