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The Onslaught Against Nutrients for Bone Health

Recently there have been many articles about the ineffectiveness of vitamin D and calcium for bone health.  Major media outlets that published about the ineffectiveness of vitamin D and calcium for bone health include: ABC news, Reuters, WebMD, Newsweek, LA Times, and Washington Post. 553 more words


Treating and preventing medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw

Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ) is severe bone damage in the jaw bone that occurs in some people as an adverse reaction to certain medicines commonly used in the treatment of cancer and osteoporosis (a disease that makes bones fragile). 613 more words

Oral Medicine

A visit to Outpatients. Woohooo!

Well, I went to see a metabolic bone consultant. This was because I wouldn’t take bisphosphonates and the rheumatologist and my GP both preferred that I did. 630 more words

PMR (polymyalgia Rheumatica)

Nothing is Forever - except a cancer diagnosis

Once you have been diagnosed with cancer, life changes forever. For you and for your family, it is unlikely that you will ever look on life in the same way. 1,101 more words

Oh dear

So I’ve got down to mid 12mg from 15mg but the 20% drop makes a big difference. I’m waking with stiff hips and my brain has gone to complete mush with the deep exhaustion coming and going unpredictably. 612 more words

PMR (polymyalgia Rheumatica)


Just a quick update:

Two days ago I heard that my opinion that you should  try to eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day  is official news on the BBC. 108 more words

PMR (polymyalgia Rheumatica)

Well it's been a while...

I know. Stuff happened. But I’m back.

Since my last post, my face got bigger still sigh. I’ve never had a proper double chin before. And my stomach is bulging… 839 more words

PMR (polymyalgia Rheumatica)