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Unloading the Kiln

I had a bisque firing on Sunday and I’m just now unloading the kiln. Next step is glazing!


Sweat Vegetables Before Making Soup for a Smoother, Creamier Texture

Sweating your veggies is easy: simply put your prepped vegetables in a pot on low heat. Keep the lid on, and let them cook slowly. By keeping the lid on, you use their own liquid to “sweat” (aka steam) them.

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Pottery Update

Some new items in progress in my pottery studio! All of these are now dried and are ready for a bisque firing.


Coconut Cream Butternut Bisque

I was in the midst of a gigantic baby food making operation when I looked at the organic butternut squash I had just roasted and decided that 5 types of food for the baby were good enough for today. 156 more words


Squat Lobster and Crab Bisque

So, after roughly 5 years, we have finally got around to posting the recipe for the squat lobster and crab bisque.  Tony’s first on-line recipe! 530 more words

Scottish Highlands

The Dress…

You’re all insane, you know…

You do know the world’s falling apart, don’t you, with partisan and religious hatreds, random killings, and a planet that’s either freezing to death or burning it’s own life away, depending upon which side to the fence you sit on in… 160 more words