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Restaurant Review: Bistrot Chez Rémy, Disneyland Paris

The more cynical would assume that everything at Disneyland Paris is a rip-off, and truthfully, before visiting the Bistrot de Rémy at the Walt Disney Studios section of Disneyland Paris, I was expecting the same story again: overpriced, low-quality food in a place filled with screaming kids. 1,000 more words

La Terrasse Rouge, Château La Dominique – Saint Emilion, France

Last Sunday, we drove to the Right Bank of the Estuary, to see Pomerol and to dine at La Terrasse Rouge in Saint-Emilion, which opened 18 months ago and seems to attract a growing number of devotees. 607 more words

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A Mere

最近在 Instagram 和 Facebook 上太过大声嚷嚷  大家去的去 还没去的都狠狠放到下个安排准备要去

私以为这间餐厅会太过火然后再订不到位了  :p

当时一群说好要在巴黎最经典的老饭馆 Le Galopin 共度星期五下班周末的人,最后被吹得只剩下我和  Angelina,只能尴尬得到 A Mere 去探店。本来疲惫又难以前行的我在吃完这顿后,花都开满了

吃虽然永远都是治愈系,但是有意思的 assiette 吃了更加开心  满足是不同的  巴拉巴拉

Figue, Anguille, Roscoff… 48 more words