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Top 5 heart-melting ‘she said…’ moments - November 2015 roundup

Little button says the funniest of things… as little ones tend to do.

Last night before bed she blurted out a right corker and I vowed to save it for a rainy day to share with her when she’s a grown up. 254 more words


Quote of the week - week 1

There’s nothing like a good quote that can make you stop…

…..and think.

I like this.

This week is my nod to all those sour lemons out there. 121 more words

Bit Of Fun

Lone Ranger

My favourite subject when I used to paint was Still Life and that seems to be what I like to do best with my camera too.  280 more words



My name is Amy and I’ve put this site together for a bit of fun and my own encouragement.

I’m a Melbourne (Australia) based biker with little experience. 41 more words


So You Think You Want An Ibizan Hound...

I can see why you would think it. They’re pretty awesome dogs. And if you want to be out walking and be stopped repeatedly to be asked “Is that a big chihuahua?”, “Is that a whippet cross” or even more bizarrely “why are you out walking your hairless sphinx cat?” and “Is that a dog crossed with a kangaroo?” (yes…I have been asked all of these questions, and many more!) 764 more words

Ibizan Hound