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What Am I But a Post-it Note

What Am I But a Post-it Note

On me you find a jot

And scribble a lot.

There’s portrait and landscape

And various forms shape… 53 more words

Ladybird Political Books

Ladybird Political Books

In honour of our esurient, ingordigious, nihilistic Prime Ministers

And more sarcasm for them and their expence fiddling MPs to ignore


♫ How do you solve a problem like Marie ♫ Picture Gallery!

♫ How do you solve a problem like Marie ♫

You don’t! Just enjoy knowing her!

♥ ♥ ♥

I do!

Ageing Humour

My Beautiful Phantasmagorian Dragon

My Beautiful Phantasmagorian Dragon

There came in the night, a dragon to see me,
At first, it fritted me… made me want to pee,
It settled down, landing on my chest, 110 more words

Inchcock Today

Aunt Mable's Table

every last staple
in my tiny stapler
appears always
to be unstable
and drops on the table
that was given me
by my late Aunt Mable… 62 more words



via Daily Prompt: Cloaked

We are hidden in a blanket that may be hidden by the naked eye but it stops us from getting too close to one another. 75 more words