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Computer at Capacity: Find the Upside

Last month I came to the alarming realization that my computer has reached its full capacity.  1TB seemed so indulgent in 2009 but in 2015 it means every photo upload comes at a cost.   181 more words


Still Life of Course!

Been stuck indoors a lot lately but amused myself with setting up some more still life subjects. The trug and especially the brown jug have been favourites of mine from way back – I like the ‘rustic’ look and feel of them. 398 more words


Fun Stuff #2 - I suppose a ride is out of the question?

Had a bit of fun acting the eejit on this clip from my application video.  Thanks to the fantastic Roddy Doyle, Colm Meaney and Ruth McCabe for this brilliant clip from the movie “The Snapper”, which I chose to interpret from an alternative perspective!  16 more words

Om Guru Om, Om Guru Om, Om Guru Om . . . . . .

Om Guru Om, Om Guru Om, Om Guru Om . . . . . ..

another very good update to Thea’s Nepalese experience. This time about her days at the Yoga retreat (notorious auto-spellcheck poses a few challenges for the reader – but applying a bit of Yoga type positive thinking certainly helps in ignoring it!). Really enjoyable reading, Thea.

Good Ideas

My sweet bait

Sweet Bait
I lie in quiet wait
For you my sweet bait
My silken web spun
Now just waiting needs done

No need for a lure… 52 more words


Flower of the Day: Dwarf Irises & Photo Album Link!

As some of you know I like to take photos of flowers as I wander around the province.

I’ve updated my Google+ page with a bunch of flower photos recently! 34 more words


Writing 201: Hero(ine) - ballad - epistrophe

Wow this one stumped me. Hero or Heroine; who are mine? Then the moment, the inspiration, assisted by an iPod on shuffle, magically playing an artist who has inspired me over the last 3 decades (well that just gave my age away). 226 more words