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My sweet bait

Sweet Bait
I lie in quiet wait
For you my sweet bait
My silken web spun
Now just waiting needs done

No need for a lure… 52 more words


Flower of the Day: Dwarf Irises & Photo Album Link!

As some of you know I like to take photos of flowers as I wander around the province.

I’ve updated my Google+ page with a bunch of flower photos recently! 34 more words


Writing 201: Hero(ine) - ballad - epistrophe

Wow this one stumped me. Hero or Heroine; who are mine? Then the moment, the inspiration, assisted by an iPod on shuffle, magically playing an artist who has inspired me over the last 3 decades (well that just gave my age away). 226 more words


The Old Masters – re-interpreted 89

Right. This meeting will come to order. The first and only item on the agenda this Wednesday (before we adjourn for pizzas and coffee, that is) is the appalling caption posted weakly by some dodgy character who thinks he’s a wit (unfortunately he’s only half right – thanks Emil), defaming the prowess and intentions of the painters of yore. 51 more words

Humour - Or Humor

How should History be written?!

I know I said I’ll write something more factual and write more… I clearly failed already. Apologies once again for the lack of posts, real life keeps preventing me from having space to breathe and keep up with my leisurely activities. 449 more words


How Did I Get in Here?

After doing some ‘still life’ with this little chap I tried to use my imagination in other ways to involve him in a story and this is the result. 134 more words


Holidays with the Boys! Billabong Sanctuary

The boys had arrived just after Christmas from Brisbane for 3 weeks of Nanna and Grumps time! Yes we call him Grumps!

On New Years Day, albeit a  little damp to start with, we decided to head to Billabong Sanctuary. 640 more words