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Inchies Thoughts of the day

What had I been dreaming about last night?

Oh, this constipation is giving putting me in a plight,

Was Adolph Hitler really a Wagnerite?

Is living in peace not a human right? 153 more words


Inchcock Looking Back at his Mam: In imitation rhyme

Reminiscing about our Mam, in Rhyme

Mummy asked the midwife, to throw me in the river Trent,

Looking back, t’was my life’s first big disappointment, 305 more words


5 steps to controlling teachers during the zombie apocalypse


The government has decided the zombie apocalypse is upon us. Teachers are possibly equipped to be our best fighters so we need to keep them contained to protect the kids. 894 more words


It's Been a Funny Old Life - Part Seven: Thanks, to the Nottingham City Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Gym Team

I felt the need to show my appreciation for the help given by the staff at this centre, so:

Here is the My Odes of Thanks to the staff at the Nottingham City Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Gym: 165 more words


It's Been a Funny Old Life - Part Six: Confessions of the Alcohol years!

The Alcoholic Years?

The Start:

Mackeson was the beginning of my downfall I’m afraid.

Mother dear, to make me stop crying and giggling while she was playing Bingo or studying the horses form, she found out if she gave me the dregs left over from Dads bottles of his Milk Stout it would do the trick. 1,128 more words