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In response to ‘Just Thursday Blog Hop’ and inspired by Mara’s stop sign I thought I would also add a sign. While perhaps mundane to the Chinese patrons of the… 49 more words

Bit Of Fun

Happy Dance!

I am SOOOOOO excited! Moka’s new collar is finally ready!!!

I absolutely LOVE it!

Sexy Beast Dog Collars has outdone themselves :)

It shipped today, so it should  be here soon. 63 more words

Bit Of Fun


Ah my sweet little carbohydrate
My little dose
Of all things ending in -ose
My saccharide complex of C H O
How I love you so… 20 more words

Poetry 101 Rehab

Spring....Come Back...

We were driving home from the grocery store when it started snowing…


It has been two weeks since I planted my grass seed (with a hope and a prayer) and I have teeny, tiny, wee little grass sprout-lings coming up!!!! 740 more words

Bit Of Fun

My Little Mooch

I am raising a mooch, and proud of it :)

But Moka makes such a cute little mooch, it’s hard to say no to her! 707 more words

Bit Of Fun

The Necessities of Spring

The dogs decimated the new sod within maybe 1 month of getting on it (we kept them off it for numerous weeks when it was laid, so, supposedly it had time to take!). 566 more words

Bit Of Fun

Super League Horoscopes

Castleford Tigers – Your future looks uncertain, but there could be big things ahead. All signs are pointing to the fact that the love of your life could be just around the corner. 513 more words