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My name is Amy and I’ve put this site together for a bit of fun and my own encouragement.

I’m a Melbourne (Australia) based biker with little experience. 41 more words


So You Think You Want An Ibizan Hound...

I can see why you would think it. They’re pretty awesome dogs. And if you want to be out walking and be stopped repeatedly to be asked “Is that a big chihuahua?”, “Is that a whippet cross” or even more bizarrely “why are you out walking your hairless sphinx cat?” and “Is that a dog crossed with a kangaroo?” (yes…I have been asked all of these questions, and many more!) 764 more words

Ibizan Hound

Day #2

Puppy hood, what would you do without it!

This puppy is a trooper! And what a sweet heart!

She went on her first “big dog” walk today (although, kept her on only the pavement and picked her up for any grassy areas). 457 more words

Ibizan Hound

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Greatest lessons you have learned

The 3 greatest lessons I have learned in life so far are as follows (no order):

1: Stop caring about what people think of you and your actions. 169 more words

30 Day Challenge

A bit of fun: Top 5 favourite books

So, i write. Everyone who follows me on here knows that. But i’ve always believed that to be a great writer you also need to be an avid reader. 854 more words


4th of July & Magna Carta Celebration Quiz!

A bit of FUN from our last First Fridays Event event, themed ‘Celebrating 4th of July & Magna Carta’s 800th Anniversary!’

Here’s a snippet…

Yes! It’s a QUIZ! 19 more words


There once was a painful protrusion

That certainly weren’t no illusion

Diagnosed as hiatus

a hernia the status

quiet rest deemed part o’ the solution… 45 more words