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Four in a row tag

Spotted this on a blog and thought, these tag posts are quite fun, so why not.

ūüććFour places I’ve lived

– Harrow Weald, Middlesex

– Stanmore, Middlesex… 172 more words

Fun Stuff

The Beauty Knowledge Tag

I’ve seen this popping up on lots of different blogs and Twitter feeds. The answers are often pretty hilarious.

For this tag you need a partner or friend who doesn’t use make up or know much about it. 280 more words


The 'adult tag' 

‚ÄčThought this might be a bit of fun as I lay here dying of serious cramps. Join in!

1 ‚Äď How old are you and where do you live? 361 more words


One for the Man united fans (or not)

Always being a security¬†conscious professional I lock my machine all the time, Yep I haven’t in the past ( and learn’t from that) as no one wants to email the infrastructure team proclaim you love them or ask one of them out for a drink and bcc in the rest of the team. 171 more words

Tips & Tricks

Surviving a hobble down Clumber Street, Nottingham

If, by chance, you are elderly, poorly and unsteady on your feet,

A real challenge would be to hobble down Clumber Street,

Big Issue sellers, jugglers and street performers you’ll meet, 247 more words


Runcan Dobertson Arrested: Anyone know why please?

 The mystery of why this took place remains!

Police had photographs of Runcan Dobertson along with Juan Inchcock.

Looking like they were doing a deal like fencing? 160 more words