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Bitbucket, a free online git repository

Link to Bitbucket

I have been looking for an online source code repository for a long time. The most famous one should be GitHub but you have to open your source code to public if you want it free. 201 more words


Nice St. Patrick's Day surprise from Bitbucket

I committed some code today to Bitbucket and noticed this in the output:

It was a nice surprise!


Development Environment Rehaul

Setting up a virtual machine via Virtual Box and populating it with Vagrant is a lot harder than I had previously anticipated.  I spent about six straight hours yesterday trying to get a virtual machine up and running without any luck.   538 more words

GIT::Commit::RPC error

Trying to push a repositoy to

# git push -u origin –all

Password for “me@bitbucket”: ********
Counting objects: 933, done.
Delta compression using up to 8 threads. 64 more words


Writing scientific papers

I am probably the last person you would want to consult on tips to write a scientific publication. I’m slow, I procrastinate, my English is not the best, much work lies on the cutting room floor – skeletons of half assembled papers. 644 more words

Skeyer gets a Jenkins server

Since my primary laptop was under repair, here is a quick update for the last couple of weeks:

I wrote a bunch of tests and benchmarks for Skeyer and set up a Jenkins server to run them for me on every git push. 136 more words