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Pain-free transition from SVN to Git

Most of time you can do a migration out-of-the-box from SVN to Git at least if your SVN repository follow the standard layout (/branches, /trunk and /tags). 384 more words


My personal techcomm journey - 2016

What a year it has been. I feel I have personally gained a lot during the last 12 months in my technical writing journey than I have in the years before. 1,428 more words


Add your localhost project to git and Bitbucket

You must have to install Git on your Ununtu pc:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install git

After Git install on your pc now it is time to add your localhost project to git. 215 more words


AsciiDoc Plugin for Bitbucket Server 2.3.2 released

I’m pleased to announce the next release of AsciiDoc Plugin for Bitbucket Server.

AsciiDoc Plugin for Bitbucket Server allows you to render AsciiDoc files in the source view panel of Atlasssian Bitbucket Server. 13 more words

Ripple Adder: A Scalable Approach in SystemVerilog

Why create many different modules for ripple carry adders of different bit widths? With some neat features added to SystemVerilog, you don’t have to!

I wrote a SystemVerilog module to share which will create a ripple carry adder of any bit width you specify. 335 more words