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Sourcetree stuck on POST (chunked)

The problem

When pushing large files up to BitBucket (git in general?) Sourcetree gets stuck on the POST command stating:

POST git-receive-pack (chunked)

It seems to be that Sourcetree’s (or possibly just git’s) ability to “chunk” files and send them is broken. 207 more words

Building a docker image with nodejs, bower, karma-cli, chrome

We need to have a docker image with nodejs, bower, karma-cli, chrome. It will be used in Bitbucket Pipeline for building a SPA using angularjs. 76 more words


manage your project by separating local and production repository [bitbucket] [git]

Imagine you develop a website on your development server, store the source code in a remote repository and deploy to a production site. Let’s assume you just finished a new feature. 1,462 more words

Web Technology

GitHub Terminologies

Below are a list of some Git and GitHub specific terms:


The “blame” feature in Git describes the last modification to each line of a file, which generally displays the revision, author and time. 1,175 more words


Git rollback to commit id

You can easily do this with this simple command

git reset --hard c14809fa

for more information please check this link