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How to create a Repository on Bitbucket and commit code using Git commands

Assuming that you have a project on your laptop and you would like to create a repository on Bitbucket website and commit your code, following are the steps. 82 more words


Invoice & Service Management System

Project Details

  • Project technologies
    • Front End : Bootstrap, Angular JS 2.0
    • Backend : Rails API
    • Database : PostGre
    • Source Control : Bitbucket, Gitlab
  • Project concept:
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Introducing GitFlow

What Is GitFlow?

GitFlow is a branching model for Git, created by Vincent Driessen. It has attracted a lot of attention because it is very well suited to collaboration and scaling the development team. 491 more words


Rename a Git tag

Create a new tag alias :

git tag new_tag old_tag

Delete the old tag :

git tag -d old_tag

Push the changes :

git push –delete origin old_tag…

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SSH Keys, Bitbucket and SourceTree on MAC - A Ménage à Trois of Misery

Ok so the title is a little dramatic, but I had just run the same provisioning script multiple times only to have it fail when trying to clone a Bitbucket GIT repository. 1,095 more words

SSH Keys

git merge master into child branch

assuming you’re currently on branch childbranch:

git fetch
git rebase origin/master

please follow this link for better explanation


Sourcetree stuck on POST (chunked)

The problem

When pushing large files up to BitBucket (git in general?) Sourcetree gets stuck on the POST command stating:

POST git-receive-pack (chunked)

It seems to be that Sourcetree’s (or possibly just git’s) ability to “chunk” files and send them is broken. 207 more words