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Follow my work on BitBucket + I used Django!

Recently I have been exploring source code management tools to expand on my programming toolkit. To further explore this topic, I needed some initial source code to manage which led me to Django. 537 more words



So now we enter into the 3rd part of the Techhire Program. I’ve been through alot for good and bad for this program but have gained some good knowledge from it. 434 more words


100 Days of Code, Day 3: Fighting Apache and Using Git with BitBucket

Day 3: December 29, 2017, Friday

Today’s Progress

When I worked on WordPress sites in the past, I didn’t follow best practices – or even good practices, for that matter. 684 more words

What I'm Learning

Ufa Atlassian User Group

UPD: Rescheduled Jan. 30th -> to Feb. 6th.

Recently buddies from Moscow recommended me to join Atlassian User Group Leaders,to host Atlassian events in Ufa, so here I am (after an interview with Atassian)! 64 more words


Github Credentials Difference on Linux and Windows

This weird thing make me a little bit mad. I’m using HTTPS clone method in Bitbucket. But I still wonder why in Windows I dont need to use credentials helper and even only need to login once (and that’s through a GUI) everytime I push, pull and etc. 96 more words


Agile Project Management at RightStar

By Dick Stark
I’m mostly finished with Mark Schwartz’s just published book, “A Seat at the Table,” and like the 2016 book, the DevOps Handbook, I’ll dedicate several blog posts to this excellent book. 555 more words

BitBucket + hg + branch merges

Ever have to update/merge a PR on BitBucket with Mercurial? I couldn’t find documentation anywhere, so doing so here:

  1. hg up BOOKMARK_NAME
  2. hg merge [–preview] -r REV…
  3. 20 more words