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Strange birds

A country club wouldn’t be a country club if it wasn’t teaming with spoilt and indulged woman. I realise I’m coming down hard on these aloof and lazy beings, but they are arguably the worst kind of stereotyped member. 601 more words

Country Club

You think nobody is there for you!? Think again, bitch!

Life is tough. I get it. Everybody knows it. But not everyone knows how to deal with new experiences. Family, love and money; these are just a fraction of the hurdles that you’ll encounter every day in your life.   846 more words


Facebook User "Doesn't care, but..."

Without realizing the double-edged sword nature of her actions, a Facebook user declares she “doesn’t care” while immediately following up with a “but” and soon after, a soap-box level thesis that reflects she clearly gives more than just a singular shit. 151 more words


The Shit List

What not to say to the newly bereaved/ annoying things people say to me:

FYI, my fiancé died, so I guess most of these relate to partner deaths, or just my overactive, over analysing mind. 571 more words


Monday Motivation

Get those knees up, your back straight and your panties unwedged. It’s fucking Monday and it’s time to burn shit up.


The Bitch

“What are we suppose to do when all the love is gone?”

Who is David Guetta, for $500 Alex?

That’s what I use to ask myself all the time when I hung out with her and something didn’t feel quite right.   1,273 more words


the names I have called myself…. Dom/Bold,Beat&Nipless

“You wear your heart up on your sleeve… so watch out for pickpockets” -Big Sean

Naive… because I trusted you with my entire life… i admired you… and even more did I admire your wife because she was the epitome of perfection…so excuse me for not seeing eye to eye with you… well even if i wanted to see eye to eye i can’t…because you have forced my face into this smelly pillow… so many sick fucks in this world… i really wish you were an expecption… I am naive to think your perfect ladys pussy was enough…. 585 more words