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Man. Just...no.

I’m pissy as fuck. Eating more does that to me. I start seeing my reflection even more deluded and hearing people chew makes me want to throw daggers into innocent flower seeds. 467 more words


So as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Hillary supporter.  Yes, I was the only person cheering for Hillary during the debate in a bar full of Bernie fans….and it made me feel like a bit of a rebel.   489 more words

Karma is a Bitch

Thought for the day #4

Karma is a bitch. It truly is. Karma is this form of energy which I believe watches you and knows the true you. 299 more words

Thought For The Day

0 to 100, Real Quick

This is a long one, brace yourselves…

So fitting that this is my 100th post, as that is the level of insanity that my situation with BigScary has gone to. 2,367 more words


The bitch within

5:00 am. Wake up, bitch! You need to pee.
I know, I made you go twice before three.
Not so fast, fatty! The kitchen’s right there. 321 more words


Meet the guy friend who you became friends with to get away from all the girl drama but ended up just getting him sucked into it. 389 more words

High School

Day 1 & 2: It Wasn't That Boring After All

Hey Shoesies!

Today began like no other day. Something was very different about today. I actually woke up at 8am. Now I know many of you might be thinking that it’s no big deal and all. 527 more words

A Day In My Shoes