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Bitch Please...

Ever have one of those days where you just wanna bend over and say Kiss it Bitch? Or Fuck the World. This is one of those days. 140 more words

A Bratastic World


Its presidents day and everybody is bashing Trump.

I really like it; Taking a day where we are to celebrate our historical presidential lineage just to tell Trump that he’s an ass wipe. 260 more words

Thoughts Catalog

Am I overreacting?

Please help me solve this question. Maybe im over reacting? Maybe im a bitch? Idk.

Last night i was out with my “friends” we where all having a good time until one of them hit me with that line I’ve heard a lot throughout the years. 88 more words


Day 47: The Thing

Days like today has been happening a lot lately. You go to work come back to your room, the body shuts off and thereafter everything is a waste. 280 more words



The first time I realised I was a woman

I was walking home, at night

It was dark, not the kind of dark you get in the countryside, 344 more words

Week 23 - Wednesday

So, looks like the 6th grade teacher and I are not going to the RP workshop after all.  We went to sign up and found out it is full.  251 more words

Are you the mate poacher?

Did you lurk someone who is taken? Or someone lurked your partner, even that person knew that he is taken? The mate poaching is a developed strategy how to make a distance between two people in relationships and to sit in other’s place, with time. 817 more words