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B. I. T .C. H. (beautiful, intelligent, talented, caring and hot)

Something’s been bothering me ever since the VMAs in September. The show made sure to impress us with the performers and to bore us with its constant commercials. 455 more words


More Shit To Be Grateful For

  1. Bye Weeks

Oh, Sweet Jesus, bye weeks. In many a football season, we dread the bye week, the loss of momentum. Saturday is the best day of the week for a reason—it’s gameday. 483 more words

Aggressive Mediocrity

13 Songs Every Basic Bitch Has On Their Playlist

Let’s be real, we all have a little basic bitch inside of us. For some, it’s buried way deep down underneath layers upon layers of denial. 540 more words

Web Only

High School Words (Real Life)

These are real words and sentences and phrases from American High School (my source is legitimate) (these quotes will shed a little bit of light on how some High School students actually talk) (Obviously not true for ALL students and people) 199 more words

American Literature

One free blowjob coupon

My Guinean Pig helped me with a heavy domestic cleaning.

I rewarded him with a free blowjob coupon.

One free blowjob to get or perform as he wishes. 17 more words