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The Evolution of Sluts - Part 2

So, whilst I was drafting part 1 of the Evolution of Sluts post – and though I didn’t intend to do a part 2, I found myself reading… 534 more words


The Evolution of Sluts

Is anyone else noticing a pattern here?

Basically, a movement to objectify women as sluts has won (or is winning).

There is a movement out there that seeks to enable women to be as free as men. 485 more words


The power of positive thinking And dating in a small town

SERIOUSLY. I have been a big believer in the power of positive thinking, karma, and that there is something “greater”in the universe.  I read “The Secret” back when it came out and believe that it has helped me stray from a negative way of thinking. 504 more words


Proud to be a Bitch, Huh?

Ladies…..I think you know what I’m going to say. At least I hope you do.

So, you’ve got opinions. And, so long as they hurt no one, they’re all valid. 186 more words


Not Every Negative Response Requires Us To Be A Bitch

Greetings and Salutations,

A recent conversation has brought to mind some advice I have for those of us that just cannot shake that bitterness out of our personality. 1,040 more words



At some point I’m going to resolve to digress from this thing called love. I just can’t continue to be put in this space where I feel like crap. 49 more words