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You know that feeling were people just piss you off? Like you don’t have a specific reason to be pissed at them – they just annoy you? 263 more words

NoFuss Birthday Bitch Satin Sash Party Accessory 1 count 1Pkg

Q: Do you also repair the sash cords on newer sash windows that have newer spiral spring balances instead of the older sash cord and weight system? 333 more words

One Liner - 1

I’m smiling. This should scare you.


A Bath bomb for every MOOD

Life can be sooo stressful and puts you in so many moods you just can’t deal! Sometimes, we like to cool down or warm up with a  nice bath. 463 more words


A kitchen bitch's bliss

In my kitchen

like a mad scientist

mixing and concocting

a kitchen bitch’s bliss

I stir the witch’s cauldron

a punch of that

a pinch of this… 13 more words

Kait King Author


Before I was living in my apartment building like really living here I was told about this woman. I was told to watch my back and don’t mess with this one woman because she was a bully as well everyone in the building dislikes her. 451 more words

Everyday Life

Still Crushing on him

urgh, why can’t he get out of my head

i hate how much i like him

but love the feeling i get when he looks at me, messages me… 75 more words