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I am not a two faced bitch

I am a singular faced woman

with a multi-faceted mind

That holds the capacity for change


Being In Total Control, Honey!


The word bitch has a long history with a lot of different meanings. It could be referring to a dog of the female species, but most likely it’s being used as an insult. 309 more words

This is to an asshole

To the asshole that I spend hours in the phone with and I enjoyed every second of it. The one who I couldn’t let go the first time we met. 573 more words


The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Review

It’s been a pretty enduring season for The Walking Dead, a roller coaster that many fans will prefer to leave behind, myself included. Opinions are divided and most viewers haven’t been happy with recent decisions for the overall direction of the show. 1,088 more words

Why you let him to hide you as your girlfriend?

You are dating someone special but nobody knows for that? He is a handsome man, smart, adorable, but nobody saw him with you?

If you are in a love relationship with someone, and that person avoids to expose you in public, you are a victim of a hidden relationship. 490 more words