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Ways to help someone with PPD

Keep on persisting to ask what’s the matter even though they keep changing the subject. Consistently check up on her, and just listen.


Easily Offended (Day 27, 2017)

We are 27 days into National Poetry Writing Month.

Easily Offended

it wasn’t the swear words
that upset her
not just them, anyway
he could be funny and kind… 62 more words


A Predictable Outcome

Bad news have wings, and good news indeed travels slowly and silently. Not so long ago I heard that Maksim Mishchenko got a prison term… 314 more words


Who Are You Even?

Have you ever wondered, “What the hell am I doing here?” Like, not a purpose in life, but a general, “what the fuck am I doing,” thought? 553 more words

Self-Recognition And Admiration

The Seven-Year Bitch

Remember how in my last post I was on cloud nine because my kid had kicked an AR quiz’s ass? Yeah, today wasn’t like that. Today was a day where this whole ADHD reared its ugly head. 616 more words


Replying Quickly Does Not Mean I Am Infatuated


Responding quickly does not mean I am waiting around for your answer.

I’m talking to a guy on SnapChat and he was flirtatiously teasing me how I can never remember what my previous message was. 133 more words

And then there were three?

So the pain in the arse Blondie is at it again today with not one but two reasons to hate her even more.

First things first – the mailbox key. 730 more words