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Date stamp: Saturday February 7, 2015

Saturday February 7, 2015

I’m tired and am in a bad mood. Maybe because I’m tired that I’m not thinking clearly, but this problem I’m having is long overdue. 105 more words

G-Poppers...March 6, 2015

 Jonathots Daily Blog


“What’s a nigger?” the little girl asked.

G-Pop was startled. “Where did you hear that word?” he challenged.

“At school,” she replied tentatively, a little scared that she had done something wrong. 335 more words


Pretty, purple pills

And so I have finally relented, in an attempt to do ‘the right thing.’  Alongside the high-dosage anti-depressants I take each morning, I have finally submitted and accepted the pretty, purple pills that are Depakote. 160 more words

What names have you been called?

(“Señorita Chupacabra”)

My family didn’t give me a nickname (except my brother that one time), but during the years, people have called me names, and I didn’t mind being called these names — most of the time. 398 more words

today, i told my good friend that my my brain and i are not getting along. i’m left with no choice but to file for divorce from my brain. 25 more words



Wasn’t it incredible when we so easily felt comfort with stories we heard, when the most miraculous things were reasonable, when everything was believable. I long for the days when I truly believed that if I actually wanted to president I could, and that if I wanted to fly to mars I could do it twice when I grew up. 211 more words


You Thought Wrong, Bitch, Not Today

There’s no real way to describe the fight
That ends up killing you–it takes so many nights
To build and wear and tear you down… 148 more words