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The Psychiatrist Was Mean Today 

I had a psychiatrist appointment today at 1:00P.M.but unfortunately I thought it was at 1:30P.M. and got there late. When I pushed the button to summons her, my psychiatrist, to come to the lobby I hear her stomping down the hallway grumbling and I’m like uh oh. 499 more words


Weight gain.. ugh

Growing up, my weight always fluctuated. My height would stretch for a few months and then my gut would catch up. In middle school, my gut was finally gone, but my mom was on the verge of admitting me into some sort of recovery program because she didn’t enjoy seeing every bone pop out of my body… hmm. 646 more words


Things I Probably Shouldn't Say

You overheard someone calling you a bitch in the hallway today,
Maybe it’s because of the color painted on your lips.
It was dark, crimson red–the color of blood. 200 more words


Sometimes I pretend I'm a villain...

…so I listen to some classical music and dramatically stare out of the window.

JK, I’m a total bitch regardless.

Image Source: Wiki Villain

If you wanna be my lover...be a decent human being

I like to think most men agree that grabbing a woman by the vagina without asking permission first is not a nice thing to do. Most men would, I hope, agree that forcing parts of yourself into a woman while she is passed out drunk behind a dumpster is also not very nice. 1,131 more words

Sandy spaniel sale (Rousse)

The two sandy spaniels were gorgeous.

‘I’ll take both the bitch and the puppy’ said SC.

I wondered where the dogs would live. And what would her SC’s husband T make of the new additions to the family? 9 more words