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The 30 Day Blog Challenge

Since I’m new to blogging, I decided to begin the 30 day blog challenge for motivation to post something everyday. I will also be posting aside from the challenge. 224 more words


#WCW - Jade

I know I usually post about celebrities or public figures who inspire me each and every day.


Todays #WCW goes out to one my girlfriends Jade. 197 more words


 The Borderline Bitch

For fuck sake. You know when I’m having a bad time because I swear. A lot. And I never swear. But right now swearing is called for. 506 more words

She sells sea shells by the Lakeshore

Today I took my younger cousin and sister for an adventure along the Oakville, ON lakeshore. On such a beautiful day like today, there is no option for staying inside. 350 more words


Sunday, the Bitch!

Every Sunday I wake up with a determined thought, I will make it fun! By the time I recover from the Saturday night Escapades of Bad Decisions, Strangely Deep Discussions and the Camaraderie of the Drunken Rebels, the sun is already looking down on me. 610 more words

17 Wedding Stories That'll Make You Say "That Bitch"

Weddings are all about surrounding yourself with family and loved ones to celebrate what will be one of the most important events of your life. In theory, it should be a very happy hunky dory affair right? 1,988 more words


And They Say

And they say, “Ain’t life a bitch”. Well, bitch it is, with surprises. Not one, a whole lot of them, just waiting to show up down the lane of memories you are to build. 317 more words