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How to store purchased Bitcoins

Hi, I signed up for GDAX and bought $200 worth of BTC using my credit card… I was curious as to where the BTC is stored. 21 more words


Question: best hardware wallet, and, follow up - what's the battery life on the wallets?

I bought on coin base when BTC was $300, $600, $700… suffice to say, I want to secure what I’m holding… cough hodling…Best, most secure, safest way to do this?Paper? 32 more words


I just sent 1200 dollars worth of bitcoin across the world for .22 usd

Title says it all yeah sure their btc price is great but the fact that I can do this proves that Crypto is future and middlemen are pointless it only took 7 minutes and 30 minutes to complete block chain technology at its finest… 20 more words


The Best BitCoin Mining Training

The Best BitCoin Mining Training

When Will was 20 years old he back $300 a month into the stock market, that’s $4000 a year.Will put his money into an index fund so he doesn’t get taxed and his return was 10% in a tax protected environment.James when he turns 40 quits and profits. 497 more words

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Wealth Managers Being Bombarded With Investor Requests to Buy Bitcoin


Wealth managers are being inundated with calls about Bitcoin, according to a recent report, and most are saying that owning some is a good idea. 9 more words


1st BitCoin purchase ($5K): Question about storing on my computer

Hello and thank you for reading and helping. I will be purchasing 5K of BitCoin once my account clears on Coinbse/Gdax. I will transfer funds from my bank directly to my GDAX account, then buying with the intention of HODLing. 121 more words


How Can I Trade Crypto Effectively?

Great video explanation.Watch the video here via /r/BitcoinBeginners http://ift.tt/2zrxxgY