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Bite-Sized Post: Audiobook Multitasking

For me, audiobooks are a great way to make use of the least productive parts of my day. When I’m doing the housework, walking to the supermarket or tapping away at a mind-numbing spreadsheet, I put on my headphones and try to give my brain a bit of exercise. 340 more words

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Cookies & Cream Brownie Bites

I have a bit of a strange obsession with things that are smaller than they should be. Things are just cuter when they’re teeny, right? 717 more words

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Bite-Sized Post: The Teenage Transformation

I’m a terrible judge of age, especially when it comes to kids and teenagers. I’m so bad at guessing that it’s almost impressive. But when we write teenage characters, getting their behavior to match their age is an incredibly important skill. 156 more words

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Bite-Sized Post: The "Twenty Dollar Word"

The other day, I heard an American colleague of mine use the word “kattywompus” in a sentence without even missing a beat. I have to admit, I was impressed. 210 more words

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Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

This next recipe is actually the first recipe I EVER tried since starting a Pinterest and I am beyond happy that I did! While they may not be the same as amazingly delicious buffalo wings, they’re an incredibly yummy alternative. 215 more words



Eggs are difficult to master, in terms of texture, timing, and accompanying flavors. The art of the omelet is no easy undertaking, and when you’ve finally achieved it, your first instinct is probably to spread the word. 339 more words

Bite-Sized Post: Character Names that Fit

A few weeks ago, I wrote on the importance of careful character naming and that got me thinking about some of my favourite names from literary history. 170 more words

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