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Healthy Gummy Bears?

Remember that chewy, sweet, colorful snack from your childhood (or perhaps you still are munching on it right now? ;) ) Well, someone provided a great… 16 more words

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Late | Poetry


heads buzz

zzz’s evaded

dead glares

self pity

teeth falling

in grain

not myself


Bite-Sized: Brandon Graham's King City (and, also, Multiple Warheads)

(King City is an indie comic masterpiece-objet d’art by Brandom Graham. It’s hard to explain what his style is like, so you should go Google-Image search it yourself. 1,064 more words

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Krauts eat kraut - at least for New Years Eve

Long time ago, the British or the Americans or some other enemy of Germany during world war I or II decided to nickhname the entire populus as ‘Krauts’. 207 more words

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Bite-Sized: The Sinfest Effect


For the uninitiated, Sinfest is a webcomic that started in 2000, and its basically been continuing one strip a day ever since. The format is in the style of old newspaper comics (kind of like Sluggy Freelance) whereby the first 6 days of the week are 4 panel single strips, and the Sunday strip is in full color. 1,231 more words

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Bite Sized: Bigelow, Point Break and Verticality

The ongoing wisdom of the current generation is vertical as opposed to horizontal, in that worth, or value, in life, is solely dictated by the crests. 1,404 more words

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Me: I had to buy a box of different coloured straws. I don’t like that.

Also Me: What’s the problem?

Me: It’s just one more thing to think about. 126 more words