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Passion Fruit Bites

I was still daydreaming of the scrumptious passion fruit cheesecake I’d savored on a magical vacation, when I received an unexpected message from a friendly fellow foodie recently: “Hey girl, I have passion fruits with your name on them… Interested?” 999 more words


Positive Reinforcement

I was feeling nostalgic for the original Borderlands game the other day, but after playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for so long I had forgotten how much of a difference there is in sniping difficulty. 191 more words


Eleanor Hallowell Abott is Moe



And when She came! Just a girl’s laugh at first from the street door! An impish prance of feet down the dark, unaccustomed hallway! 1,089 more words

Bite Sized

Some Haikus For Your Day

I drank some spirits

And challenged my kid to jump

Rope: call that hop scotch

Salty taste hidden

By shadows of color, Play-

Doh’s Allegory… 92 more words

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Folksy Advice From Your Uncle Tony

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. People who live in Google Glass houses shouldn’t be managing their own finances.

To err is human. 213 more words

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“No rules, baby, no rules.” had said the mother, forever ago.

A head full of dreams and ambition in her veins, her smile, a sliver of hope that heralded the beginning, the daughter said, “No rules.” 36 more words