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Lazy Saturday

Saturday is almost over and I have not achieved much. Somehow exhausted from my working week, I have treated myself to an extended lie in. While I was contemplating life from under the duvet, I decided that I needed to set myself a new cooking challenge. 233 more words



Four letters.

One word.


And yet, her mouth refused to form the word, tongue lying inside like a dead thing.

The word lodged in her throat, stuck. 454 more words


Tipan ng Tadhana

Nuong unang panahon, inatasan ni Tadhana si Kuntalapa na lumikom ng labing-isa sa pinakamagagaling na mandirigma sa buong kaharian. Bagamat malaki ang pagdududa ni Kuntalapa sa sariling kakayanan, malaki ang tiwala dito ni Tadhana, dahil bagamat hindi pa ito sanay maging pinuno ng isang grupo, alam niyang mabuti ang kalooban nito. 586 more words



“She is oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. The same elements that are inside the rest of us, but I can’t help thinking she’s-“ 490 more words




He smells like ozone.

Like the air just before a storm, charged with electricity, crackling with energy unseen.

Or maybe he doesn’t.

Maybe it’s just her. 242 more words


a smile. yours.

I saw your smile today

and I realize that I meant it with all my heart

when I told you,

I only wish for your happiness. 64 more words


what doesn't kill you...

… makes you stronger.

Ah. This heartbreak made me Hulk, then.