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Reading Ebooks on Your Smartphone

Smartphones have exploded in popularity in the last few years, and because so many people own smartphones, publishers are now thinking about how to best deliver digital content to the small screen. 721 more words


GW2: In Praise of Bite-Sized Content

Having spent a few too many days playing through two-hour long map meta events (sometimes, only to reach bitter failure), this weekend I found myself making only a few desultory efforts to taxi into an organised map before giving up. 1,544 more words

Guild Wars 2

Eating the Elephant

The good thing“, he said, “is that your room is really nice“. The bad thing? ‘It’s on the ninth floor and the lift is broken… 199 more words


Bite Size Post: Are Interruptions a Writer's Worst Nightmare?

Opinions on the perfect writing environment vary but one subject of great debate is the impact of an interruption. For some, all if it takes is the faint sound a lawnmower from across the suburb and their focus is thrown for the rest of the day, while others could quite happily write a novel at a rock concert if the need arose. 313 more words

Creative Writing

Too Many Snickers, bite-sized

Blood SuGaR Highs

from those

Snickers, bite-sized

My kryptonite

Oh, and you,

always you



Bite-Sized Post: Pens vs Word processors

As you probably know, the manuscript you submit to an agent or publisher must be typed up and not hand written. Your cursive might be perfect but it’s just too impractical to have to peer through the only copy of a manuscript, in an unfamiliar font. 251 more words

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