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Bite Sized: Chicken and Waffle Pizza.

Get ready for some controversy!

Okay so short poll: chicken & waffles on pizza is…?

If you said, “crazy as hell”, you’re right.

If you said, “insanely delicious”, guess what? 130 more words


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Martin Luther's Other Theses

The Reverend Father Martin Luther is most well-known for his “Ninety-Five Theses,” a document attacking the corrupt practices of the Catholic Church through a series of argumentative claims, that were nailed to the door of the Catholic Church. 525 more words

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Bite-Sized Crunchy Waffles

Ingredients: (yield 26 pieces)

50g unsalted butter (soften at room temperature

38g pastry margarine

50g caster sugar

1 egg

¼ tsp pure vanilla extract

165g all-purpose flour… 125 more words

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MythTake Drive-Time Episode 1 "Shapes of Stories"

Darrin shares his thoughts about myth in this new series of bit-sized pieces!


Sausage Rolls -2 Ways-

1. Mini Sausage Rolls

You will need-

  • Chipolata sausages
  • 1 Roll of Puff Pastry
  • 1 egg (for brushing)


Roll out the pastry and cut… 70 more words


Apple Cinnamon Roses


  • An Apple
  • 1 Roll of Puff Pastry
  • 2 Table Spoons Brown Sugar
  • 2 Table Spoons White Sugar
  • 2 Table Spoons Honey
  • 1 Table Spoon Cinnamon…
  • 164 more words