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what doesn't kill you...

… makes you stronger.

Ah. This heartbreak made me Hulk, then.


Dating and Driving

Millennial dating advice that is also good advice for driving on California freeways: How to minimize the risk of anything at all out of the ordinary happening to your car (or your heart!) in the treacherous minefields of EMOTIONS and CALIFORNIA MOTORISTS. 139 more words

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Jeg mærker dybest tryk i mit sind

En vandret udstrækning indad

En undervandssjæl

Min sovjethjerne men amerikanerkrop

Over fladen

Men kan ikke trække vejret


Mini Cheddleton & Chive Scones

These little bite-sized scones are made with Cheddleton from the Staffordshire Cheese Company, which is a creamy and quite crumbly cheese with a nice tang. It goes perfectly with the freshly snipped chives that are in these little scones. 200 more words


Awkward Comics #1

One of the may many idiocies my brain gets up to.

Bus stop

He is standing at the bus stop. Watching the rain fall and never land. Cars are passing by. The street lights are distorted by sprinkles of rain. 428 more words


The Owl and the Man

With a ruffling of chalky feathers, the owl alights on a broken arch, and watches as the man climbs the mountain of rubble. He grips at pitted creases in the rock, pulling himself forwards and upwards, his muscles quivering with the sustained effort. 820 more words

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