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Bite-Sized Post: Writing for New Media

The internet has opened the door for creative writing in countless weird and wonderful new forms. As well as the good, old-fashioned blog post, you’ve got fan fiction, twitter poetry, collaborative story-writing and everything in between. 245 more words

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On the days when I feel sad | Poem

I feel like glass
So fragile with
A rock in my throat

Song recommendation: Life is Hard by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


Pick-Me-Up Brownie Bites

 Prep Time : 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 20 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Easy

What do we want? Chocolate! 997 more words


I'm afraid of staying still

Sometimes I want to feel sad

I want some sort of jolt

to wake me up from this limbo

I want hot tears

instead of dry, dull eyes… 35 more words


Baked by Melissa

In light of an upcoming NYC weekend, I’ve decided to post about the cutest, teeny tiny cupcakes that I enjoyed in NYC a few weeks ago. 542 more words

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Bite-Sized Post: How Many Words Do You Write A Day?

I’ve been thinking about how many works I write each day. I usually aim for 1,000 – a nice round number, but I have no idea if this is average or not. 156 more words

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Bite-Sized Post: The Total Rewrite

Yesterday, as I was coming to the end of my daily 1,000 word target, my computer went into full meltdown. I’m not just talking about your usual screen-freezing, switch it off and on again problem, I mean full-on blue screen of death. 213 more words

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