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Month-Old to Year-Old. A Child To Cherish And To Hold.

“Ugh. I have a bad feeling about this case, George.”

Payton steered the wheel to make a left turn. “Shit, man. I’m gonna have nightmares after watching the thing.” 704 more words


World's Most Dangerous Pies

Turpentine Turnover

A recipe popularized in Paris during the Impressionist Movement of the late nineteenth century, the Turpentine Turnover is one part puff pastry, one part cherry filling, and three parts distilled pine tree resin. 333 more words

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Dead in Seven Days

The grim reaper, whose eyes I can’t see but I dare not imagine, stood on my bed side.

“You’re telling me that I get seven days to live? 529 more words


Cold Cake / No-bake chocolate biscuit slices

How is Ramadan going so far, everyone?!

Ramadan is in full swing at my end. You will find three angels and I say that in a very respectful and sarcastic manner, fasting, praying, being nice, sleeping …a little more sleeping, haha!! 599 more words



Du sendte beskeden
Du venter
Du overvejer, om du skal skrive igen
Du skriver igen
Du retter
Du forklarer

Du løber
Du slukker.
Du græder… 15 more words


Chicken, mac'n'cheese croquettes

Happy Ramadan everyone!Ramadan is extremely hot and happening here in Pakistan, so before I pen down anything else I just want to ask all of you to stay hydrated! 751 more words


A room of boxes

You are sitting in a room.

The lighting is dim, and you’ve long forgotten how you got here. You know if you were to stretch your arm out in front of your eyes, you wouldn’t able to see it. 279 more words