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Biters Sign Worldwide Deal With Earache Records

Atlanta rock band Biters have announced a worldwide recording deal with Earache Records.

Recalling the early spirit and danger of rabble-rousing rock heroes, Biters have faithfully built upon their punk heritage and their love of 70’s rock to deliver music that ignites, incites and excites in equal measure. 199 more words


Dying Light Game Review

Review by Reporter Lloyd Waller

The City of Harran is in turmoil. After the appearance of the “Harran Virus,” the dead now walk the streets and the government has quarantined the city at all of its entry points. 360 more words

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Recap of AMC's "The Walking Dead" Episode 14 titled "Spend"

Episode 14 “Spend” recap was provided from this site: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2015/03/16/the-walking-dead-season-5-episode-14-review-betrayal-and-redemption/

As well as my Podcast:


In beginning we see Daryl and Aaron take off to find potential members to bring into the community (cough cough) hopefully Morgan! 478 more words

What If Rakim Sued All The Rappers?

It’s been over a year since the infamous Thicke Williams v. Gaye verdict. What started out as a few producers suing each other has led to a host of class action lawsuits, with one of the biggest finally reaching a verdict. 485 more words


7 Things I'm Tired of Hearing from Rappers

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish who’s a good rapper and who isn’t. A lot of emcees are innovative, exciting and bring something X-Factor to the game and we love them for that. 619 more words

Behind The Rhyme

Rebekah: OMG! I Might Be A Zombie On The Walking Dead!!!

No joke, if this happens…my life will be made!

If you didn’t already know, my favorite TV show on right now is The Walking Dead. The mid-season finale was back before Christmas. 220 more words


Get your zombie fix with Syfy's 'Z Nation'

The holiday season is for spending time with the ones you love, drinking eggnog … and binge-watching season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because nothing else is on television. 885 more words