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Blog: Planned Parenthood claims genitals don’t determine sex

A grand harmonic convergence seems to be enveloping the left, under which the fantasy that humans can choose their sex has become dogma that all most publicly endorse, even those who know better. 11 more words

Blog: David Axelrod, son of communists, suddenly worried about Trump's meeting with Putin

David Axelrod, President Obama’s former political strategist, is stroking his chin about President Trump’s supposed ‘second’ conversation with President Vladimir Putin of Russia, coming at the G-20 in Berlin awhile back. 10 more words

Blog: Trudeau government to revise Canada's citizenship test, no longer ban 'barbaric cultural practices' or require a job

Justin Trudeau’s government is redefining what it means to be a Canadian, and in the process appears to be opening the door for the Islamization of our northern neighbor. 10 more words

Blog: Ignoring Schumer, Trump-crazed Democrat vows to 'eliminate' Trump

Sen. Charles Schumer tried to make the case yesterday that Democrats are trying to move on from the electoral drubbing of 2016, and convince voters they stand for more than just Hating President Trump, which is all anyone sees them as good for given their crazed behavior. 10 more words

Blog: The Trump Hate Campaign

The #NeverTrump set has morphed into the Surveillance For All Set. Consider this comment, here directed at Jared Kushner, from Hate Trump-monger Jennifer Rubin. via Pocket… 8 more words