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This time of year, I think of Rapunzel. I think of her mother, pregnant with her, so desperate for the taste of a particular salad green, thought to be… 561 more words

Fettuccini with Rapini (aka Broccoli Rabe) and Garlic

I love this dish! There is something about taking a bite of mildly bitter sautéed leafy greens, that at first taste says, Not sure about this, and then quickly turns to, Got to have another bite. 878 more words


No, bitter greens are not a political affiliation...

Ironically my garden excels at growing bitter greens. So, what do you do when life gives you bitter greens?  Send them back!?!  HELL no. Make a soup? 60 more words


Ingredients: Bitter Greens: Radicchio

Well, Radicchio is not exactly green, rather it is a colourful member of the chicory family. It is an offspring of the weeds that used to grow around the Mediterranean. 307 more words


Duck breast salad

For my Christmas Eve supper I fixed pan-seared duck breast–there were two in the package and that meant leftovers. I could have had a second meal had I not been a bit greedy and eaten part of the second one. 239 more words


Bitter Greens // by Kate Forsyth

So this is my first official 2017 read – my other reviews this week have been of books I actually read the last week of December.   1,127 more words

Book Review

Five Fave: Historical Fiction

Historical fiction isn’t a genre I read a lot of. But whenever I do, I love seeing how the author intertwines real facts with fiction. When done skillfully, the fiction parts of the story start to feel like facts that nobody was there to see. 864 more words