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I Am Karate Releases "Bitter" Remixes

I Am Karate’s latest single “Bitter” is a perfect example of electro pop and has already received quite a bit of reactions in their homeland of Sweden; along with 600,000+ streams on Spotify. 56 more words



Yesterday I sat in a beautiful, air conditioned, comfortable room with hundreds of others for the purpose of worshipping our God.

As worship progressed, time came for communion, when we eat of unleavened bread and drink fruit of the vine: matzo and grape juice. 796 more words


beginning the day
with something hot and bitter
makes it all better


Suicide Doesnt End It

It occurred  to me,

that one day my face will etched

with laugh lines

you will not recognize

that will hold stories

you will never hear. 8 more words

and on the bitter December wind a lonely wail

american gods by neil gaiman

But she was gone, and there was nothing left in the woodland but a gentle gray in the sky to show him where east was, and on the bitter December wind a lonely wail that might have been the cry of the last night bird or the first bird of dawn.

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The anger

When one becomes angry, in that very instant and until the anger lasts, one can no longer do and much less understand the will of God. 179 more words



If these bottles could talk,

They’d tell you how we wake at the wee of the morning,

Cursing at dawn,

Fists bloody from anger,

I’ve been punching these walls, … 185 more words