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Running on Empty

I’ve been caught in a strange place lately

I don’t know if i’m caring too much 

or if 

I’m caring too little

I’m going crazy missing my mother… 96 more words


Old Habits are Hard to Break

On my second day back at work, I am beginning to realize how much has changed since this time last year.  I am back on service (finally) in the same hospital I started at last July.  516 more words

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The Cat and the Poison

You’re a beautiful poison.
You sting and you make me wonder.
Curiosity may have killed the cat
But your taste was so sweet and so bitter… 36 more words


Strawberry Lemon Pie

I’m not a fan of bitter things.When my tongue encounters bitter, my brain says “danger! inedible!” When people get excited about a salad of bitter greens, I don’t really understand it. 694 more words


Does It Hold Water?

Today I really ought to start a batch of porter. Hot near-summer days with no air conditioning are great for fermentation. I have my fermentation buckets clean and sanitized. 211 more words


The Bitter man

Hello…who is this?

Frank… you did it again. What do we say?

I’m a 60 yr old veteran who served his god damn country and this is what I get. 340 more words