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The bitter truth is sweeter than we thought

Following our recent infographic (Health Hack #1: An alternative to fizzy drinks) in which I recommended using Angostura bitters as a basis for a healthy fizzy drink, I felt I had more to say about bitters in general. 2,521 more words


Brag or complain:  What's your MO online?

At this point in time, many individuals have some kind of social media presence. It can be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress and so on. Some people just use one form of social media and others, have multiple platforms from which to communicate to the world. 288 more words


A closed book.

Take away your hate,

It will destroy you,

Destroy you slowly,

Turn you into something you don’t want to be,

People walk into your life, 47 more words


Twisted Souls

We are forced to live together I know you can’t help it But sometimes I can’t fucking stand you

The way you talk The way you raise your eyebrow Only the way you look at me Or don’t look at me It makes me furious… 603 more words


Burnout... again?

I have been feeling extremely bitter towards work lately which has sacked any sort of motivation and enjoyment that I use to have to when I was at work.   527 more words

The Anxious Mind

Suck the lemon of it all;

drink deeply and long.

Find out how yellow sweet is.