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A brief update

i wish i had something interesting to put here, i really do, the truth is i’m a very boring person and this month has proven that to myself and others rather easily, i haven’t been very social, ive gone to birthdays, i’ve gone the pub and generally i’ve avoided writing my assignment. 158 more words



What would my tagline be?

Giving a tagline for myself is like having a notion of how I want to appear to others, it’s not accurate most of the time, if not always. 235 more words


Bitter old feminist is bitter and old.

I think everyone knows who this woman is, Janet Street Porter – interrupting people and throwing her opinion down peoples throats for decades.

Back in medieval England when Janet was born, there was a strict feudal system in place. 207 more words


BR: Bitter Valentine, AleWerks Brewing Company (Williamsburg, VA)

Finally back from vacation where I got to play in the (mostly) sunny state of Florida. And while the highlight was rubbing noses with Mickey Mouse, I did learn a lot about Florida beer down there. 506 more words

Beer Reviews

Recent Craft Beer History - By the Numbers

SIBA (the Society for Independent Brewers) recently published their annual report on craft beer. In the report, they analysed the growing number of microbreweries and what that means for the industry as a whole. 403 more words


Dropping The F-Bomb...Part I

One of the hardest sentences for me to let escape through my lips has got to be “I forgive you.” Part of this may be because most people don’t know how to give a proper apology…. 480 more words

Common Server Excuses

“I couldn’t find a shirt that fits.”

-78% of all servers

Bitter Restaurant Manager