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Geek Trivia: Which Of These Chemicals Is Considered The Most Bitter Compound In Existence?

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Answer: Denatonium

The human sense of taste is quite refined and there are all manner of bitter flavors in the world that we often incorporate into our diets for novelty, like packing sour candy with citric acid, or go out of our way to mask, like when British soldiers created the gin and tonic drink in order to mask the bitter taste of the anti-malarial quinine they had to consume. 273 more words

Sweet Pain

There is a pain immersed within me
That alone I have to bear
That pain breaks me and then it disappears
I bring it back deliberately… 180 more words

SUCK IT! You pathetic waste of flesh!

I hate humanity. 

I think that pretty much sums it up!  



This bitter taste of doubt
Lies on a time so precious
It does cast a taste of great sour

On the tongue of one that welcomes it…
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Wandered Thoughts

I was reading this article about a substance called Bitrex, a bitter flavoring used to make household chemicals taste inedible. The article went on to describe how the substance itself is non toxic, but it could be weaponized to render food supplies inedible. 463 more words