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Athlone Bitter Club in The Malt House

Athlone Beer Club’s next meeting is next Friday, the 29th of May in The Malt House at 9:30pm. We will be drinking Athlone Bitter Club, the beer that we made all by ourselves ( with loads of help from Dave Guilfoyle ) in Bo Bristle at the start of the month. 66 more words

Break stuff Friday Giftures

As you all know, this week sucked bananas(this phrase courtesy of Lil Rants over at her blog Lil Rants). Why you ask? Must you even ask? 385 more words



The trash compactor can go on feeling high and noble for taking the world’s shit and compressing it into manageable, relatively clean packets, but in the end it’s just a stinking machine, full of crap.


Haiku (13)

this bitter snow lies
     in the melancholy fog
          a frigid Winter

 © 2013 Lori Carlson


Searching for a listener; is anyone out there?

22nd May, 2015
Domestic violence is an uncomfortable topic. When it comes up people awkwardly clasp their hands and shift their eyes back and forth searching for any means of escape. 1,556 more words


The Ritual

Every Friday it’s like clockwork.

She pours a coffee and reads the news, or watches it – though the second is a deviation from the written version. 311 more words

Creative Writing

"I'm Done"

So we’ve all been to the place where we simply just had “enough” and in this case, “enough” is the breaking point. Maybe you’ve been lied to by numerous people and you don’t trust anyone anymore because of it. 285 more words

Im-power Me