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Break the breakers

There’s no way to escape the truth

Even when we lie to ourselves

Our truths linger in the precipice

Our lies bleed onto our conscious… 87 more words


7 Signs It's Time To Say Goodbye To That Toxic Friend

We all have those people in our life that we feel just weigh us down until we are crawling on our hands and knees. Those people that dig claws into our back so we cannot escape their grasp all because their familiarity is too strong. 1,396 more words

Some people don't grow into the taste either

The taste hit her tongue like an anvil dropping on an egg. She pulled her head back in shock.

“What’s wrong?”

She pried her tongue from the roof of her mouth. 15 more words


Personal Review on the Latest Trend

Why has the latest trend become hating love. I’d love to know the answer.

Please do not try knocking down the rest of the world that is trying… 450 more words



Mary is the English form of Hebrew female name Miriam, a name of unknown meaning though possible meanings ascribed to it are “sea of bitterness”, “rebelliousness” or “obstinacy”, and “wished for child”. 81 more words


Bittersweet Evenings

it was late at night.

class has just ended

and you still waited for me.

we found an empty basketball court

and you taught me how to dance. 144 more words


On Bitterness

Sometimes I am bitter and I let it cloud my vision.

I know better but I push on, letting the malice control me until I have gotten across whatever it is I am upset about. 194 more words