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BitTorrent Attorney Fees: Judge Beckerman Awards Fees to Successful Defendant when Copyright Troll Continued to Press Case Knowing Defendant was Innocent


Judge Stacie Beckerman issue the following opinion on December 2, 2016 in the US District Court in Oregon.  Finding that Carl Crowell, the Salem, Oregon lawyer who has sued 100s of people for allegedly engaging in BitTorrent activity – none of which have made it to trial – continued to litigate the case against a person he knew was not liable. 1,158 more words

RetroShare: быстрое вхождение

Материал статьи адресован тем, кто не желает вникать в тонкости вхождения в сеть RetroShare или в сущность и идеологию подходов, лежащих в её основе, а просто хочет быстро и безболезненно подключиться и немедленно ею пользоваться. 53 more words


What.cd Shut Down: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Music file sharing site What.cd was shut down by French authorities on Thursday.

What.cd supported a close-knit group where users could torrent music as well as other files like e-books. 872 more words

5 Fast Facts

BitTorrent Protocols Analysis

The “BitTorrent Protocol” is, in fact, a set of protocols, used in different stages, such as torrent discovery, peer discovery, download, seeding, and so on. 1,144 more words


BitTorrent Architecture Overview

According to its proponents, BitTorrent is “a free speech tool”.

This is indeed the case, as it allows its users to distribute content without a centralized authority, using mainly each user’s network and computing resources in a distributed fashion. 1,150 more words


How BitTorrent Really Works

BitTorrent is both ambitious and simple. BitTorrent is a P2P protocol in which peers coordinate to distribute requested files. In order to resist downtime due to real-world seizure of computers, BitTorrent has had to progress to a fully distributed architecture, without any single point of failure. 233 more words