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Why you should view torrents as a threat

Despite their popularity among users, torrents are very risky “business”. Apart from the obvious legal trouble you could face for violating the copyright of musicians, filmmakers or software developers, there are security issues linked to downloading them that could put you or your computer in the crosshairs of the black hats. 586 more words

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LHF Productions Says BitTorrent Users Are A Criminal Enterprise

LHF Productions along with some other copyright holder groups and law firms want the courts to banish file sharers forever. But should they? #lhfproductions #pirates #trolls

Google Search Can Lead You to Sites With Pirated Content

Google rose to the top with its famous search engine algorithm, predicting answers to user questions with just a few keywords words as hints. However, what users want to find sometimes collide with the interests of other companies and artists. 522 more words


Seedr the best method of directly downloading Torrents

This website will provide you with a easy and fast method of downloading your torrents with direct downloads instead of waiting for those seeders. They offer good pricing for up to 1TB! 14 more words


BitTorrent under attack - an EU Court decision

The European Court ruled in Case C‑610/15, Stichting Brein v Ziggo BV, XS4ALL Internet BV. This case concerns the following:

Stichting Brein is a Netherlands foundation which safeguards the interests of copyright holders. 851 more words

Get FrostWire 6.5.2. for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

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Thursday release! It’s time to update FrostWire! We’re happy to announce FrostWire 6.5.2. for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This version fixed two torrent search engines (Monova and Torlock), and we added BTJunkie search again! 106 more words