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Business travel sector taken over by sharing economy

Now that Halloween’s over let us all get back to business; shall we fellow readers? And here at Cinch we’re bringing one more piece of spiced up information to your table. 228 more words


How I Traveled 2.1 million miles as a Business Traveler

Hi there, my name is Gadi Bashvitz, the founder of OLSET, the company building and launching Cinch.

Before launching OLSET, I had the joy of flying around 2.1 million miles (roughly the equivalent of over 85 times around the world) in slightly less than a decade. 632 more words

Life On The Road: Conducting Business On the Go

As I sat on a plane last week thinking about blog topics, I realized that the CCC blog has never delved into business travel. Despite the Great Recession, business travel remains a popular way to close deals, educate people and cement/maintain crucial relationships. 997 more words


Sukses dan Kesetiaan Pria adalah perjalanan.

Hari ini shooting perdana program baru gue di Bloomberg TV, “Biz Travel”.

Intinya program ini ngikutin semua kegiatan gue di @eviopro ngeblend dgn pekerjaan gue sehari-hari. 404 more words

international travel adventures part 10 – gala

Well seeing as I didn’t get home until 6:30am, today got off to a slow start.  The good thing though?  We only had to be at the Presidential Gala today, which wasn’t until 8pm.  254 more words


international travel adventures part 8 – world debating

So this morning came early… real early…

I had talked to Erik last night at the Global Village re: World Debating this morning and we planned to meet up at 8:30am this morning to go over all that he missed this far (ie. 791 more words


international travel adventures part 7 – delegates day

Just because I am getting a little mixed up, I thought it would be important to clarify that today is Thursday, November 4th and we’re 2 days into the JCI World Congress! 507 more words