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What Happens When She Puts Her Hand To Her Face Is So Cool (And Really Unsettling)

When we think of face painters, our brains fill with images of unicorns, balloons, and superheroes. But South Korean artist Dain Yoon takes a darker, more artful approach to the craft by using her own face and body as canvases for illusions. 10 more words


Kinetic Sculpture Is The Art Form You Didn't Know You Were Obsessed With Until Now

Kinetic sculptors are, in many ways, performance artists of a different breed. Instead of using their bodies to bring work to life, they create pieces that do the performing for them – sculptures that take on lives of their own. 13 more words


This Artist Creates Realistic, Emotive Sculptures With Felt, Nylon, And Wire

Over the course of her illustrious career, artist Lisa Lichtenfels has perfectly illustrated what it means to work with boundless scope. After graduating from the Philadelphia College of Art, she scored every budding artist’s dream gig of working as an apprentice animator with Disney. While

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