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The Certainty of Death and Taxes

As of yesterday, another income tax season has come to a close here in the US. CPA’s who haven’t been home in months can finally return to the family dinner table. 642 more words


12 Most Bizarre Tax Deductions

With tax season in full swing many taxpayers are trying to figure out what they can deduct from their income to score a bigger tax refund.  60 more words

Tax Deductions And Credits

Strange Old Taxes That Aren't Around Anymore

Tax complaints are never higher than during the month of April. But while there are many valid reasons to dislike owing Uncle Sam cash, it truly could be worse. 820 more words

Taxes 101

The Talking Tax: Cell Phone Tax Rates By State

With state and federal taxes, Americans are now being taxed an average of 16.26% for the use of their phones. Depending on the state that number can shoot as high as 23.69%. 51 more words

Tax Tips