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Shadow of the Ripper-1988 Jack the Ripper documentary

Back in 1988, there was a lot of fuss over the centenary of the Jack the Ripper murders with books, films, documentaries, comics, anything you can imagine basically being created to cash in on this gruesome anniversary. 186 more words


in a bizarre

where is the weird

when it was all of us

and shatter

and when it was the turning

and thought on the point

and dealing… 49 more words


New Mexico Attorney Sues Senate To Force Garland Vote

Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland is in the unenviable position of having everyone in Washington saying nice things about him. There are two occasions when that is common: a judicial nomination going no where and eulogy. 225 more words


Morocco Charges Nightclub Manager for Selling Alcohol To Muslims

Morocco has long been a country with a significant secular community and the persistent threat from Islamic fundamentalists and Sharia law. A recent case shows how the courts impose ridiculous prosecutions in the name of Islamic values. 129 more words


Vanity Oh Vanity, Thy Name is Amy . . .

Amy Sharp, 18, is apparently irate. It is not the reason why she escaped from an Australian correction center. Rather, it was this picture circulated by police which she considered not flattering. 115 more words


"The Originals."

Or was it the First Wave of the Superheroes?
And yes, I consider Popeye was a Superhero for a cartoon character that is.
You only have to go to YouTube and watch caroons of him winning World War II for the Allies in a series of propaganda cartoons.