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Cool: Haka Warrior Dance Performed At Maori Wedding, New Zealand

From the viewpoint of a writer, this is good stuff. I even felt it a couple of times. I swear, I got into this big time, especially when the chick started crying. 64 more words


Modern Warlocks And Ancient Magic: Proving A Spiritual World Exists

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Magicians Prove A Spirit World Exists by Michael Dimond (2015) – 5 stars… 949 more words


It's the end of the world-The Apocalypse is coming!

I recently wrote a jolly two part piece on the website That’s Not Current about how nuclear war and it’s aftermath were portrayed in four films, … 418 more words


This Guy Got Dozens of Texts From People Demanding Free Chipotle

A Washington lawyer was surprised to receive dozens of texts from strangers demanding a free burrito from Chipotle on Monday.

The fast-casual Mexican chain, which has been buffeted by a series of… 213 more words

Report: Sanders Made $1,892 From Speeches In Comparison $153 Million for The Clintons

It is fascinating to watch the growing controversy over the Clinton speeches and the decision of the campaign to stick with its refusal to release the transcripts in its possession. 976 more words


‘Better ways for rite of passage’: UN chief calls for end to female genital mutilation

Over 200 million girls and women had become victims of female genital mutilation globally, UNICEF has said. The staggering figure has prompted UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to suggest a change in practices for the countries where the ritual marks adulthood. 302 more words