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Alien Abductions: Skeptics, Debunkers, and the Facts at Hand

by David M. Jacobs

One of the critical aspects of the abduction phenomenon is that abductees all say the same thing about what is happening to them, even though they do not share knowledge of each others’ experiences. 701 more words


Esoteric Symbolism and Hidden Meaning Uncovered in the Matrix Film

“Dude, man, let’s like, start a revolution, maaaaan…”

by Jay Dyer, Contributor,Waking Times

The Matrix, as I’ve joked many times, is one of those perennial topics in philosophy 101 classes that tends to evoke the most inane and mindless “philosophizing” by the mind-warped morass of modern morlocks. 909 more words


An intriguing and bizarre murder

Since few days the media is in hot pursuit or rather searching out a verdict for an Agatha Christie style murder.


The Times of India, Chennai edition through which I am going through gives so many twists and turns and at last got twisted up to the DNA /RNA level of twist. 372 more words

Smokin' Hot Links

Page images from a 1965 edition of the Boy Scout’s Handbook bring back memories.

The Blob: 1,000 cubic feet of squid eggs discovered over 70 feet below the ocean surface (video at the link). 29 more words


U think u r the biggest 'STAR WARS' fan,probably not!!!

Steve Sansweet (USA) has amassed an estimated 300,000 unique items at Rancho Obi-Wan in northern California, USA. As of 4 May 2014, “only” 92,240 items had been accurately audited and catalogued – a number sufficient, however, to beat the previous holder of this title by a factor of four. 17 more words


Itna vella hai koi???

This guy commented most times in a Weibo post

As of 5 August 2014, the most comments on a Weibo post is 13,163,859, achieved on a post by Lu Han (China) which was made on 10 September 2012.


Virginia Shooting Hoax? Crisis Actors’ “Mission In Life” Is Gun Control

by Redsilverj

Editor’s Note: What do you think really happened here? Because some people really aren’t buying the official line on this one… Then again, it is distracting everyone from the impending economic collapse for at least a little while, and it fits right in with the establishment’s war on the 2nd Amendment. 122 more words