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Nordstrom Selling $425 Jeans That Look Like They Are Covered In Dirt

If you are one of those people who long to look dirty but not feel dirty, Nordstrom has the answer for you.  The chain is selling… 103 more words


13 People Share The Most Bizarre Craigslist Transactions They've Every Experienced

Anyone who has ever bought or sold anything on Craigslist knows the transaction process tends to be a bit tricky. In an ideal situation, the person you’re buying from/selling to is another normal, sane human being like yourself. 2,377 more words


"My Stupid Hip Accident."

Drawing is of me in 1969 as portrayed by Griffin Press graphic artist Ian Rosewall. 230 more words

Alarming new sex trend a ‘grave violation’

{“contentType”:”NEWS_STORY”,”id”:{“value”:”64b06f682650df3efdc10fbb6b8e3efc”,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/64b06f682650df3efdc10fbb6b8e3efc”},”originId”:”a145bdd4-2947-11e7-b9fb-c2f54196f37a”,”origin”:”METHODE”,”channel”:”NONE”,”title”:”Alarming new sex trend a \u2018grave violation\u2019″,”subtitle”:”\u2018Stealthing\u2019 is the alarming new sex trend where men remove condoms during sex without consent”,”description”:”

AN ALARMING new study released this week explores a practice called stealthing – where men remove condoms during sex without their partner\u2019s consent – and the online communities which encourage this behaviour. 4,382 more words