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15 Bizarre and Unique Necklaces

Ruby Necklaces
Bulgari ruby necklace, 800-BULGARI.

Bruni Meets Bulgari: The Collection
One memorable afternoon with “The Jeweller” 15 Bizarre and Unique Necklaces Galactic Bar Y Necklace –… 7 more words

Why do we always feel so guilty when we see a police car?

(Photo: mattlehrer/Flickr)

The Psychological Impact of Driving Among Police Cars

Examining that jumpy feeling you get when a cop car pulls up behind you—and you’ve done nothing wrong.

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Record Cold ‘Blob’ in North Atlantic: Sign of Future Climate Woes?

by Sarah Lazare

Some scientists are saying that a record-setting area of cold water in the North Atlantic, revealed by recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data, could be a sign that climate change is causing the ocean current to weaken. 503 more words


'Thoughts and prayers are not enough': Why the US has so many mass shootings


by Ed Pilkington in New York

There’s a disparity between overwhelming public approval for modest gun control reforms and an almost total stasis gripping Congress on the issue… 440 more words


WA Department Of Licensing Bundles Handicapped Parking Placard Requests With Red Tape, Then Breaks State Law

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

The archetype of bureaucracy is often associated with the Departments of Licensing / Departments of Motor Vehicles in various states. Washington’s contribution for this year manifested in the issuance of handicapped parking placards–the cards that hang from mirrors. 1,450 more words


Similarities Between Showers and Childbirth.

1: Your brain forgets how both feel.

If I didn’t forget how awesome showers were, I would constantly be in there.

If I didn’t forget the torment of labor, I would never have another child.

2: crickets


Can you will yourself to die?

Hopes&Fears answers questions with the help of people who know what they’re talking about. Today we asked a doctor, a philosopher and a psychologist about death by will only. 802 more words