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Can You Guess What This Person Was Charged With?

This is former San Antonio police officer Matthew Luckhurst, who was fired for an extremely poor sense of humor and an even worse sense of humanity. 113 more words



And somewhat ridiculous, aka a good present. I predict this will be THE trend of autumn/winter 2017 once the prototype gets expanded. More here.


Thieves pose as mannequins before stealing £10,000 worth of clothes

In scenes usually reserved for the movies, a gang of thieves have managed to pull off quite the crime.

They got away with £10,000 worth of designer clothes from the Beales department store in Worthing – after posing as mannequins alongside real dummies. 338 more words


Doctor Fired From Private Hospital After Objecting To Mandatory Prayer Sessions In Turkey

We have followed the rapid decline of civil liberties under the authoritarian rule of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the past few years as well as his empowering of Islamic parties in the once secular state. 308 more words


Pelosi: "I Don't Think People Want A New Direction"

We recently discussed how Democrats seeking the removal of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were called “sexist” for merely seeking change after the disastrous 2016 election. 990 more words


Pentagon Study Shows $125 Billion In Waste That Can Be Cut . . . Pentagon Promptly Buries Study

On this blog, we have often discussed and lamented how billions are wasted in the government, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan, without the slightest accountability of officials or serious reforms. 214 more words


Now Here's a Space Oddity: Sick Starman Buzz Aldrin Is Being Cared for by Dr. David Bowie

The late art-rock hero David Bowie might be waiting in the sky, but his namesake — Dr. David Bowie of Christchurch, New Zealand — is still here on earth tending to the sick. 222 more words