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Milestones : 18th Week Celebration at Bizu Pâtisserie

Eighteen has always been my favourite number. That is why when baby Yulian turned 18 weeks old, I literally pondered on how best to celebrate it. 270 more words

Afternoon Tea


I went on a mini-bread haul last night at Bizu Patisserie. The shop’s known more for their cakes and all, but somehow bread called my name, and then I just found myself going home with a multigrain loaf and focaccia that kind of looks like a giant cookie from afar. 368 more words


Bizu Food Tasting

see the flowers submerged in water?

flower centrepiece during the Bizu food tasting

I forgot take photos of the food we ate during the food tasting last 24 March 2015! 15 more words



We ate at Bizu’s Greenbelt branch again after a long while, before heading over to a relative’s house for some family time. Bizu is a French-style café that specializes in serving delicious, authentic French pastries. 342 more words

Katsu Sora

Today, was supposed to be a date between me , Leo and Mines originally at Ayala. However,we just decided it to be in GREENHILLS instead. Unfortunately, Mines was not able to come because she is too tired from work so we just told her to rest. 298 more words

Fridate the 13th

February 13 was a Friday the 13th.  It was also my birthday!  I really didn’t want to do anything special, but the husband insisted that I let him plan something. 442 more words


Bizu is famous for its pastries and teas. The first time we tried to dine in was a spontaneous one with our cousin deciding to eat dessert here. 119 more words