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Shaved : Jeff O'Brien : Bizzong! Podcast

Author Jeff O’Brien is back on Bizzong! once again to regale us with tales of debauchery from the annals of New King Books! (Not anals you sick perverts!)  105 more words


JohnWayneIsDead : John Wayne Comunale : Bizzong! Podcast

It’s Bizzong! The BizarroCon hangover helper. This week Zongers, the cure I’ve come up with is wholesome, gluten-free and contains no BPA platic… The human explosion known as John Wayne Comunale! 95 more words


DeathStalker : Kent Hill : Bizzong! Podcast

Have you begun recovering the BizarroCon 2016? Bizzong! has the perfect interview to help you recover. Mr. Kent Hill joins us once again to talk about two new books and a podcast he is doing. 15 more words


Coffee : Ophelia Darkly & Davey Cadaver : Bizzong! Podcast

Something a bit different but uniquely cool for you find Zongers this week, Opehelia Darkly and Davey Cadaver have combined art and literature to create a unique reading experience, COFFEE MONSTERS. 111 more words


Barrio : Gabino Iglesias : Bizzong! Podcast

Hey Zongers, time to get aquainted with Barrio Bizarro with this weeks guest, Gabino Iglesias. Gabino has a very unique voice in the community and Bizzong took the opportunity to delve into what makes him tick. 68 more words


Day 14 Schedule Online - Opposite Day?

The schedule for day 14 is online, and it’s a weird one. A few quick highlights:

  • Takayasu fights Endo – Wow, Endo is on a hot streak, but this could be brutal.
  • 70 more words