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Red hood and the Outlaws #21

Issue summary: The issue picks up where the last left off with Artemis facing down Bizzaro while he is holding her axe after Artemis discovers his secret kryptonite room and his secret addiction. 679 more words


Superman #44

Issue summary: Bizzaro world continues to fall apart as Superman and Bizzaro fight high above it battling each other on the moon as Superman tries to calm Bizarro down and get through to the beast but a reluctant Bizzaro just wants to fight Superman instead of listening. 545 more words


Book Review: Celebrity Terrorist Sex Bomb

Celebrity Terrorist Sex Bomb
by Bob Freville

All right, so this is a bit of a first for me, seeing as how out of the blue, Bob Freville drops me a message asking me if I’d like to review his latest novella, CELEBRITY TERRORIST SEX BOMB. 354 more words

Book Review

Night Moves : Jeff O'Brien : Bizzong! Podcast

The staple of Bizzong! Jeff O’Brien returns once again to talk about his latest offering, The Night Manager. Try as he might to convince us this is not a bizarre tale of aliens and late night retail management we scoff. 52 more words


Retorts: Welcome to your Bizarro World!

If you ever read comic books as a kid – or do now – you might be familiar with “Bizarro World.” That’s a place in the Superman stories in which a mutant population does everything opposite of what humans do. 544 more words


Samurai : David Barbee : Bizzong! Podcast

Happy 2018 Zongers! Bizzong! has returned from winter break to bring you the best in bizarre and weird writing. And what better way to celebrate the weird then to bring back the Bacon Fried Bastard himself, David Barbee. 46 more words


Lists : Mr. Frank : Bizzong! Podcast

Hey Zongers! There are lots of lists in this episode, but not a whole lot of guests. That’s how things go sometimes. Hope you don’t mind joining Mr. 65 more words