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Even More MASH

So, here are all the rest of the rebooted MASH characters… I wanted to sting these along for a couple more weeks, but I just couldn’t wait. 58 more words


encounter #1: sloppy head NOW (the guru)

what can i say? i had dick on the brain, and an itch that needed scratching, but it is much more difficult to give away free head than one might think. 1,295 more words


Neglected, but not Forgotten

Hey there readers that I may or may not have! I realized that I haven’t posted has frequently as I usually do and I apologize. I am literally in the last two weeks of school prior to graduation and my schedule is insane! 90 more words


A Crestfallen Star Beneath Broken Lights

There’s a stair case that comes down a long, steep hill and then ends abruptly just above the edge of the highway.  I’ve always wanted to find it, climb down the many steps, and fuck on the edge of it as cars sped past below.  765 more words


I Sucked His D*ck Twice And It Helped Me Realize My Self-Worth

I blew him. Gave him the sloppy-toppy. He got neck from me. Whatever you want to call it—I sucked his dick. Twice, actually. The first time he was perched up top a washing machine, I was drunk off Malibu and social acceptance. 737 more words

Changing my Mindset

The nursing program that I attend is a five semester associate degree program. The classes are 8 weeks long and as a result, very fast paced. 683 more words


Ladies, Here's 5 Quick And Dirty Tips On Sucking D*ck

These 5 blow job tips will show you exactly what you need to do if you want to give your man incredible and memorable oral sex. 692 more words