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The Eternal Apprentice 

Many people are not willing to start learning something new because they dislike the idea of looking like a beginner. The cycles of learning never change and always deals in certainties: Mastery is a lifelong pursuit and we are all beginners when we start anything.  474 more words


Got injured and I’m pissed about it

Tl:dr I’m a wb that got injured by a shitty told hold applied by a hear purple belt because his pride couldn’t let him get through one roll with a white belt without getting a tap. 648 more words


Two Stripe White Belt

A bit of a late post because it’s been about a month and a half, but I got my second stripe!

If you’ve read my very first post, I’ve basically been a one stripe white belt for a really long time. 42 more words


Tournament Prep

Once I committed myself to going to this tournament that is on Dec 2, a number of things popped up that usually happens in these situations.  307 more words


Storm Typhoon Ultra Lite

420gsm Storm Japanese Weave Fabric Jacket

220gsm technical Typhoon Ultra Lite Kimono pants (ripstop)

This is my first storm gi and I was surprised they were really slim and well fitting. 139 more words


Why MCT Oil Is Awesome

As someone who is into fitness and health, I follow a lot of fitness influencers and personal trainers on social media. Many of these of influencers have been raving about the benefits of MCT oil, especially when it comes to those who do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 366 more words