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5 Tips To Get Back To BJJ After An Injury

This post was written by me for Team Highlight Reel on 8th of March 2018. Permission was granted to repost this content.


No matter what sport you do, you’re bound to get injured somewhere down the road; more so for combat sports like MMA and BJJ. 660 more words


#79 America Trip Part 2

We’re back in Japan! What an incredible trip we had! Thank you so much to everyone who made time to visit with us. America is awesome, but it’s the people that makes it great. 919 more words

From Will In Japan

How do you drag yourself out of the BJJ slump?

“You could just come to training with me tonight you know.”

I know I could. My back hasn’t hurt now for a good month, and other than paying my BJJ club fees which are due, there is technically nothing stopping me from training again. 209 more words

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

How valuable is your time?

Twenty Four hours. That’s all you get in any given day.

You are the only person accountable for how well or how badly you spend your time. 191 more words

Martial Arts

Data: Pistoia Jiu Jitsu Challenge

So these are the numbers, make whatever you want of them. I hope this table makes someone else happy other than me and I’ll update the post until I have time to spare for this. 133 more words


Arte Suave: My Journey In Beginning Jiu Jitsu.

I walked in, unsure of what awaited me. To my front, a wooden box that holds shoes when students are training. To my left, a large black and red mat. 676 more words


005: Getting Micro-Ambitious

Barbie-Jitsu 004:


  1. Fear of the blank page.
  2. Don’t play games you don’t want to win.
  3. Command your respect.
  4. Learn to tell the truth

https://barbiejitsu.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/barbiejitsu005.mp3… 11 more words