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The things I didn't know about music (until now)

A mate of mine from England was talking to me on Skype about, “Seeing Björk in a band!” I immediately assumed it was the Sugarcubes, only to find out that she was in an Icelandic Post-Punk band prior to the Sugarcubes. 65 more words

Step Right Up: Matt Robertson

Interview with Matt Robertson.

There’s just something about the way analogue sounds can develop over time that really fascinates me.”

—Matt Robertson.

Words: Mark Carry… 2,034 more words


周末任你點 - 《執迷不悔》


第一樣野:冰島歌手 Björk。

不少人認識 Björk 皆因她—王菲。她當年的一個菠蘿釘髪型被評為抄襲冰島 Björk,間接令香港人認識到冰島有個叫 Björk 的女歌手。甚至有人覺得王菲的唱歌風格也跟她很像,但其實王菲從來沒有 cover 過 Björk的歌。


這一次我執著面對 任性地沉醉
我並不在乎 這是錯還是對
就算是深陷 我不顧一切
就算是執迷 我也執迷不悔

別説我應該放棄 應該睜開眼 33 more words


ARCHIVE: Ep 2- Flóki young malt

The second episode of the podcast saw Andy & Stu embrace the dramatic landscapes and violent volcanos of Iceland, by trying a dram of Iceland’s only (we think!) malt whisky, and listening to some Icelandic music (though thankfully more of the contemporary stuff than the traditional music!). 254 more words


Nine Albums: Faces

Those artists brave (or narcissistic) enough to put a face on an LP cover deserve our respect (or derision). If an album’s sound can’t match its cover, then abandon it it (or don’t). 84 more words


The Best Albums Of 1997

1997. The year yours truly graduated high school. The year of the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. The year Bill Clinton began his second term as president. 1,420 more words


¿Ceremonia era lo que esperabas? Por supuesto

Por Ulises Miguel

El cartel del Festival Ceremonia ya fue revelado y la expectativa por este ritual sonoro  desbordó el placer que muchos tenemos por los artistas que participarán:  Beach House, Rey Pila, Simpson Ahuevo, Buscabulla, Madame Gandhi, Sotomayor, Björk, M.I.A., Underworld, James Blake, Nicolas Jaar, entre otros nombres. 69 more words