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Björk Week: Watch Elton John Read America To Filth Over Swan Dress

America just can’t stop disappointing Elton John. America gave Madonna a Golden Globe for a song he publicly loathed, and broadcasted his contempt live to the world for generations to witness: 274 more words


Björk Week: A Soundtrack For Making A Sandwich

Remember Vespertine? No, you don’t, because you stopped paying attention to Björk immediately after the Big Time Sensuality video and spent the autumn of 2001 listening to  453 more words


Björk Week: 'You Shouldn't Let Poets Lie To You'

We kick off Björk Week, a series of posts relentlessly focused on the world’s most beloved Icelandic maniac/genius, with this rare video of (maybe) 1980’s (maybe) Sugarcubes-era (definitely) Björk dismantling her television set, which is cool to watch but not something you should try at home because… 15 more words


A Song for Saturday: Bjork - Black Lake

I have a tenuous relationship with Bjork’s music. She released her ninth studio album, Vulnicura, meaning “Cure for Wounds” in January this year, and it’s certainly not a summery listen, but I’ve come to it late, so you’ll have to deal with this somewhat unseasonal choice. 294 more words



“. . . so far ive been kind of ok at emotional strategy: perhaps see all as emotional chronology somehow .”


Through a series of email exchanges, published by Thames & Hudson and accessible through the above link, multidisciplinary artist/activist Björk and professor/philosopher Timothy Morton privately collaborated in an effort to articulate indefinable feelings through their outward manifestations in a cultural landscape to which both have contributed greatly and continue to reshape. 969 more words


The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club Has Read GNARR! And Now It Wants To Be Mayor Of Austin!

Someone asked at random to name one fact about Iceland would probably be able to remember that Bjork is from there. A true devotee of international culture may recall that… 380 more words