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Long Live Cristo Rey


87 years ago today, Father Pro enfrentó la muerte for holding la fe católica.

Blessed Miguel Pro, ruega por us!


"Long Live Christ the King!"

     We tend to think of Mexico as one of the most Catholic countries around, but for a time in 1920’s it was illegal to celebrate the Mass there. 207 more words


Blessed Miguel Pro, martyr

When it is our turn to defend The Kinship of Jesus Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church of Tradition, will our souls be ready? 59 more words

Traditional Catholic

Land Watered with Blood

¡Viva Cristo Rey! “Long live Christ the King!” Blessed Miguel Pro shouted these words as a Mexican firing squad took his life, 84 years ago today. 182 more words


The Old New Pattern — Thursday After Epiphany

In his first letter to his brothers and sisters in Christ, St. John says that the commandment he writes to them is not new, and yet new. 464 more words