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Review: Yuri On Ice

Now its about time that i share my thought on this hot groundbreaking sport anime

or the one fans been saying Yaoi on Ice since day one… 331 more words


Engaged - Part 3 is Posted

I have posted the newest chapter to my Phun-Noh fanfiction, Engaged. The boys are in university and a new rumor has Noh’s heart on the brink of shattering. 35 more words


Yuri on Ice: Never Forget 7th of December (SPOILERS FOR EP 10)

I’m too excited about this new episode and just need to guuush, spoilers incoming!

Let me just start by saying:

I’M SO SHOOK BY THIS EPISODE… 336 more words



Click the GIF for yaoi  (Insert Lenny Face Here)


YOU FF - Victuuri - Give Me Some Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain

From time to time, the orphanage got a surprise when they opened their door. This time, when Nikolai opened his door, he was greeted with a pleasant surprise for it was always a happy occurrence for having another family member. 7,842 more words


BL vs reality

The old fiction/reality problem: what is exciting on the page is not always what is desirable in real life. I adore stories with angst and betrayal and characters stabbing each other in the back before crying all the tears and dying in each other’s arms. 62 more words


Review: The Crimson Spell, Volume 1

The Crimson Spell, Volume 1 by Ayano Yamane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Crimson Spell
Vol 1-5

I have read this as both scanlation and official published paperback graphic novel. 428 more words

December 2016