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Tentang Pesbuk

Kemaren-kemaren waktu laptop koma, aku brosing lewat hape, yang mana malah banyak sebelnya, secara kan hape jadul, jadi sering force close. Bw pake aplikasi wp di hape aja mesti sabar. 142 more words



Among all kinds of relationships, friendship is or was the one which I treasured most. Noticed the present and the past tenses? Reason being, I’m not too sure but can’t deny fully that I am still the same. 532 more words


Blog's 2nd Anniversary!

YEAY I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT’S BEEN TWO FUCKING YEARS! *party* *no, jk. I’m just eating cookies*

I still can remember how I made this blog right after I finished the 10th grade, and I’m afraid of showing my existence off here that I thought about having a new name, when I write. 606 more words


[Romansa] tak lagi mencari

Mungkin kamu adalah lelaki paling kasar yang pernah aku kenal. Dan kamu tau itu. Suatu saat, kita sedang berbincang, kamu bertanya kepadaku, “Apa kamu masih ingin mencari lelaki lain kah?” 83 more words

In Bahasa Indonesia

That Killer Professor

Only had one class for today. 다행이네~

I had this Irrigation and Drainage class today, but unfortunately my attendance will be in danger if I decided not to attend, so I went in and had to get dissed by that killer professor early in the afternoon. 564 more words

Me Wondering

Sum Up

Well, let’s straight few things up. I’ll have a summary telling you what have been done before I made this blog and writing this post like right now. 627 more words

Me Wondering

“In society, the person who works hard has more to lose. They end up taking all the blame.” (Baek, 2015)

Somewhat agree. Somewhat disagree. I cannot be neutral since I have been with it most of the time.

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Me Wondering