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Liebe Sarah, my dearest internet best friend,

this blog post I made is dedicated to you. To show the world how grateful I am to be friend with such an angel. It was exactly 160 weeks ago, that you commented on a photo that I posted in my instagram, it was the picture back when I was in Germany and I wrote 20 random facts about me on the caption, it was cool that time to post about so, everyone did that. 449 more words



mair, maire, maira.

Maira comes from the Arabic origin. In Arabic the meaning of the name Maira is: The moon. It is also used as a feminine name and is said to mean ‘Talented’. 40 more words


A farewell to Summer & #MidSummer #Madness

Bon Jour!

Don’t look shocked, it’s true, I’m alive. Gloriously so and blessed. Thank you for always being present and patient in my life! Let’s get to it…. 321 more words


sekarang, cari pembeda..

setelah nama, yang ternyata belom kelar juga urusannya.. tiba tiba disuru bikin pembeda, special signature untuk barang barang yang mau aku bikin.

iya juga sih, ga cukup cuman sekedar “udah tau mau bikin apa kayak mana..”. 10 more words


sudah sampai mana tya?

you just try to walk out from your comfort zone..

atau, sudah bukan comfort zone lagi, karena harus move on.. damn, that was hard, you know.. 57 more words


mencari nama, bukan untuk sementara..

Dua minggu ini, idup ribet sama urusan nama buat calon barang jualan. Ceuuu, eles eles cari nama yang berkualitas, gampang diingat, bermakna dan unik itu masalah ya ternyata.  198 more words