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toxic people

There’s a school of thought that teaches us to remove toxic people out of our lives in order to achieve happiness. I can’t say that I agree or disagree, just because I believe things all happen for a reason. 390 more words

Self Help


As we learn about the right view of the world, we progress by noticing our emotions. Noticing our thoughts, identifying why it is that we feel such and such ways. 317 more words

Self Help

Depression binds us together ----- Chiharu Shiota and her thread magic.

No Hollywood special effect graces the mesmerising magic in Ms. Shiota’s art works. Since the first time I came across with Ms. Shiota’s art installation 2 years ago at… 436 more words

Berlin Artist


This might be my millionth blog in the world wide web. (Fine, I’m exaggerating) Someone told me that when I blog, I should do it for myself. 219 more words

About Me

Cheese and Grease

Lucky colours: blue and peach.


I read my horoscope on the second-last page of Mumbai Mirror everyday, without fail. I don’t believe in it. It is only something I read. 462 more words



This, kid, is what you call dismantling. Breaking it down, piece by piece, until you have little shreds, little pieces waiting to fly about in the cold, desolate, empty room, as the chilled air of the conditioner blows, ever so steadily, vanishing away the beads of sweat formed on your back, seeping onto your undershirt, showing a bit on your costly Armani. 444 more words


The Avril Lavigne Tour 2014

Letztes Jahr im März war ich in Jakarta für drei Tage. Ich wollte zu Avrils Konzert am 12. März, also bin ich am 11. März alleine nach Jakarta geflogen. 827 more words