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Green grass and hair plait

“The grass is always greener on the other side.”
This ancient proverb is so true, I find myself relating to it so many times.

Once in college a girl came to me and said,” Why did you stop tying a plait in your hair? 95 more words


Forgetful Musings.

I find it really sad 
That people commit 
Only for the fact that their
Victim is forgiving. 
How many times 
Have you heard it? 60 more words


Day 620 - 21 days trial of ending blabbering - Day 2

21 days trial of ending blabbering

– Day 2

There is some mathematical coolness with numbers. Humans take 7 years to change all and every cell in the body. 238 more words

"Everyone Wants to Be a Boss"

Listening to the Mashable + Evernote + GA: Designing A Career You Love panel today, it really got me thinking about my future career. Okay let me rephrase that. 327 more words


Curse Train

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Everyday I run to chase you. To make sure I get a seat so I don’t have to sleep while hanging and standing. Lucky enough I only to see the unlucky people sleeping while hanging and standing. 311 more words

Say It Out Loud


“I want to live in a world without rules to love you”

Say It Out Loud

Foreign Travel as a Lucrative Business

To this very day, it still intrigues me how a single brand can have a vastly different positioning across different countries.

I vividly recall the time a Singaporean friend stepped into a GNC (health supplements store) out in-the-middle-of-nowhere Indiana.  294 more words