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March 22nd, 2017


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Human Behavior

online diary- day 1


Today is the sixth day of my vacation after 12th grade boards. And honestly, it is nothing like I had expected it would be. I’m bored out of my mind. 194 more words

punya usaha

hampir setaunan ini, punya usaha sendiri, wiraswasta, start up, rame banget dibicarain.. kayanya orang yang punya usaha sendiri kedengeran LEBIH KAYA dibanding yang jadi pegawai.. 301 more words


The EU 'headscarf ban' represents more than a piece of cloth

Today the European Court of Justice (ECJ), a fine institute, ruled over a case that had been pending for nearly 10 years. 

It concerns a woman who was fired for wearing a headscarf at work. 243 more words


A Letter to My-12 Years Old-self

Dearest my-12 years old-self,
it has been circa 8 years since the past I barely wanted to talk about, the most depressive year we have ever experienced in our almost 20 years life. 286 more words


Sedikit Cerita di Hari Pertama Bulan Ketiga

Hari pertama di bulan ketiga tahun masehi ini jurusanku mengadakan sebuah kuliah umum yang memiliki tagline (atau apalah itu, aku kurang yakin dengan kata yang kupilih sebelumnya) 693 more words


Bisher Streng Geheim

Ich habe einen imaginären Freund, den auch mich selbst ist. Der ist die Stimme in meinem Kopf. Der ist immer wieder da, wenn ich im Abgrund in meinem Leben bin, oder wenn ich Stress habe, und auch wenn ich mich allein fühle. 167 more words