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#1 Basic Thing About Myself

Most of the people I know now, calls me Zhinta. I put the name everywhere, and that’s also how I introduce myself to others. If you never heard how I finally ended up with the nickname Zhinta, it’s such a simple story. 238 more words


Am I?

I completely gave up my gynormous pride and wrote to you first so you could jerk me around some more. I’ve always had a thing for the upper floor and the way I’ve been demeaning myself since I met you just confirms the fact that I am a bloody masochist. 220 more words


I tried.

I let myself drown in your misery and completely forgot about mine. I have always been the happy outside with the darkest inside possible. But you came along and your darkness was almost as black so I went ahead and lost my own sorrow in yours. 276 more words


Ayo, Belajar Bahasa Jerman!

Ada banyak alasan mengapa seseorang memulai untuk mempelajari suatu bahasa baru, ada alasan-alasan umum yang juga merupakan alasan bagi kebanyakan orang ketika mempelajari bahasa tersebut, dan alasan-alasan pribadi yang biasanya bersifat lebih tertutup dan unik. 736 more words



Nothing to say right now. Just don’t want my page to be empty and don’t want to lose the practice of writing as I haven’t written for a couple of days. 115 more words

The Fridead Night

Feeling incomplete and lonely has become a weekender for me. Friday is the most awaited day of the whole week, yes it is for me too, but somehow, it becomes the most dreaded day of the week too! 426 more words


Rekindling Blogging.

I’m a much faster typist than I am physical writer. I love journaling, and I’ve always loved hand-written letters, but in terms of having the time to write and get ideas and thoughts down, as well as record life, typing is faster for me. 154 more words