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I Feel Ugly

I feel ugly even when I know am not.

That’s motherhood has put me through. Feelig ugly of myself. The beauty of being a mother only last a couple of days for me because I was in to it without help. 385 more words


The Spotlight

  • Have you ever realised,
    how apt is the phrase, that goes
    “May I bring to your notice…”, is?
    Because it does do that.
    It tells us too see what we once overlooked,
  • 184 more words

Birthday Reminder on Facebook

It’s been years since the last time I put my birth day on private on Facebook. It means that only me that can see my birthday. 380 more words


Hello 2016

I have no excuse why I haven’t been writing as planned. Except for the fact that my laptop died, and I have yet to have it fixed. 192 more words


Wacky Word Wednesday

Welcome to the first Wacky Wednesday of 2016. I thought it would be fun to carry this on as it seems to e pretty popular. For anyone new to my blog, this is where I get to revive a word that is weird, wacky or wonderful and give it a new lease of life. 153 more words


What I Did, What I Got, What I Achieved on 2015

Sudah akan berganti saja tahunnya. Waktu terasa mengejar semakin cepat, ya. Walaupun mungkin bukan hanya aku yang merasakannya, jujur, 2015 berlalu seperti baru kemarin. Cepat, sekali. 3,749 more words


My LUNGS Are Just Fine!!!

In a place where I live you don’t always go to doctor if you were sick. There’s a lot of traditional medication that people could go to. 730 more words