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16. Aug - My soul craves the sadness

5th of Julyhttps://www.instagram.com/rupikaur_/

Yesterday while in a bookstore I realized that by picking random books and giving them a shot to impress me by reading either intro or random pages didn’t really work out. 243 more words


We're not going to let 20.000 pigs burn to death and just raise our shoulders, right?

Guys, girls, and everyone who’s in doubt about their gender. We really need to talk about the meat industry. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you not to eat meat, just hear me out. 368 more words


Randomness to the Extreme

Hello fellow aliens (should it be Fellow Aliens?), it is again the person that you know it to be, Hannah.

This post is actually totally dedicated to my pointless babble. 463 more words

23. Jul - Still not good with blogs

I think that the biggest reason for now being very active on my own blog comes from the fact that I don’t have anything polished&shining to show here. 610 more words


Stay Positive

Hello blog, it’s been awhile! I’ve been busy with some test, exam and stuff, but tonight is a Friday night, I’m alone in my room, listening to some my favorite old music while writing a paper, and that Monthy Python song’s played on my playlist. 1,070 more words


Vintage Modernism Blabbering Mouth Moving Sync Lips Am/fm Radio - Mid Century

Vintage Modernism Blabbering Mouth Moving Sync Lips Am/fm Radio – Mid Century
Vintage Art Deco Blabber Moving Mouth Sync Lips AM/FM Radio – Mid Century Minimalist Modernistic Simplistic Styling; Red On White, Perfect! 781 more words


Surat (Cinta) Terbuka?

Teruntukmu yang mungkin sudah kukagumi sepanjang setengah dekade,

hai. Sudah lama kita tidak bersua, bahkan mungkin untuk sekadar berbincang sejenak. Ah, sebelumnya maafkan salam pembuka surat ini yang biasa saja, karena sesungguhnya aku amat bingung bagaimana untuk memulainya, kuputuskan untuk memilih satu kata sederhana yang biasa diucapkan seseorang saat berjumpa dengan kawannya. 1,482 more words