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Endure the pain, have a long marriage life :)

People at certain age, especially in Indonesia, will have a moment when everybody ask them when they will get married. We (well I experienced that too, meh) will be asked all the time in every occasion, even when we meet people in front of our house just to have some chitty chat. 408 more words



Sungguh aku sedang tergoda berat, ya maklum aku kan orangnya gampang pingin gitu, abis liat ini – pengen, abis baca itu – pengen, ya gitu deh. 304 more words


The stupid shit I write

Roses are pink, but they can also be red, yellow or white.
Violets aren’t blue, they’re violet, hence the name
The sky isn’t really blue either. 404 more words


Best Friend's Ex

She dumped my BFF for a richer guy. Yes, I know people who care about money more than love. I thought it only existed in movies and tv shows, but I was proven wrong 3 years ago when that bitch, did what she did. 50 more words


perih adalah

Perih adalah ketika kau membiarkan semua harapan hancur berkeping-keping,
Karena kau lebih memilih harga dirimu ketimbang masa depan dan kemungkinan bahagia bersamaku.

Perih adalah ketika apapun yang kulakukan tak mampu lagi mengetuk hatimu, 69 more words


Just A Random Piece I Wrote Until I Hit Severe Writers Block

They kept falling. One after the other, floating on the waves of a gently blowing wind. The descent is slow, agonizing almost but the journey is peaceful in that there is no sound. 329 more words

Something on the Lighter Side

Episode 52

30 Days of You Challenge | Day Fifteen

Now that we are halfway through and my cold has finally taken over me completely, I decided to do a lighter post today that does not require too much effort on my part. 1,476 more words

30 Days Of You Challenge