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Bisher Streng Geheim

Ich habe einen imaginären Freund, den auch mich selbst ist. Der ist die Stimme in meinem Kopf. Der ist immer wieder da, wenn ich im Abgrund in meinem Leben bin, oder wenn ich Stress habe, und auch wenn ich mich allein fühle. 167 more words


Shiny on the surface

The grass is not only greener from a distance but everything is in glitter. What we have we can not appreciate what we do not have, our desire for it keeps us from enjoying the present and whatever shines must become one of our possessions. 287 more words

Daily Prompt.

GOD #2 (all-powerful and just?)

So I’ve decided to give God his/her/its own series.

Today, I want to discuss this meme I saw circulating online:

Many religious people first start to doubt their belief in an all-powerful, always present, and just god when they see the abject poverty that exists in the world. 662 more words


End of the EU

All the usual suspects were shocked when the British people decided their country would be better off leaving the European Union (EU). Media pundits, poll takers and an exhausting array of celebrities were completely out of touch. 329 more words


GOD #1 (hi there, nice to meet you)

You must love me and you must fear me.

I have created you sick and command you to be well.

You must submit to my will or be damned. 72 more words


A thought on time

The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

To start this rather short blog (sorry, I’m currently writing my Master’s thesis so I do not have much time to write anything else) I’d like to just present and discuss some ideas put forth by the great Bertrand Russell concerning time.

322 more words

Little Things Happiness


Been missing blogging since forever, damn it. No, I’m not kidding.

Though that last month I did the whole 30 days writing — or should I say mini blogging, on Instagram. 970 more words