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Somnus—Through Creation's End (2001)


Recorded in late 2001 at Magnetic North Studios in Cleveland, OH; except “Unfulfilled prophecy” (track 8) recorded live on 16 November 2000 on WRUW 91.1 GM (with bassists Lou Spencer). 411 more words

Heavy Metal

American Independence Day for the non-White: To Be or Not To Be?

by S.A. Prince

There has risen within the American people a disrespect for the 4th of July. I was once among their ranks not that long ago. 552 more words

The Rebellious Black Race

by S.A. Prince

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I was riding on public transportation the other day and in walks a black man with an R.I.P shirt on. 715 more words

Pokémon Black 2 Part 5: An untimely end (yes, it's the last part)

I arrived at PokéStar Studios, and the staff is carrying me around. I’m expected to see… movies? I just want to fill my Pokédex. But, without having any word, I’m kidnapped to the cinema. 486 more words

Black 2

Pokémon Black 2 Part 4.5: Status

After two badges and several routes, let’s summarize what happened in terms of my Pokémon catching adventures (caught species in orange, Pokémon I’ve yet to find marked with ???): 91 more words

Black 2

Pokémon Black 2 Part 4: Completing things

Before anything, let’s go back to Route 20 to see what we’re missing in the dark grass (two Pokémon left, although we might wait for Summer to come for the last one, which is currently at 5% chance of appearing). 664 more words

Black 2


“Please, don’t give me a reason to hurt you. I’m afraid I’m starting to have one..”