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I Can See You

Its a black I can 👀 you top from no other than @ysainfinity for only ₱150. Yay or Nay? 95 more words

Slip Ons

Women Betrayed Rally in Downtown L.A

Unfortunately, my camera broke down so I was unable to take pictures of this great event. However, I did end up on tv, so you will be able to see me on some channel somewhere. 713 more words


Matthew Shepard's family received letters after the death of their son

Huffpost just published an article about the letters written to The Shepard family after the murder of their son, Matthew, who was gay. I just saw this and i think it needs to be shared. 392 more words

How To Wear a Short Dress Modestly

I got this supercute dress the other day, but it’s a little short. The leggings made it a little more modest. Also, this is a good idea for the winter when it’s too cold to where it by its self. 9 more words


Kanye who?

It’s easy to jump to conclusions.

Last night when I heard that our mayor John Tory didn’t realize Kanye West wasn’t Canadian the first thought I had was: “It’s because he is Black”. 337 more words


Nights like tonight

** just to say that the gun and fire references are figurative. Gun is loaded with word bullets. Violence only leads to more violence. It is not a solution.** 122 more words