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The Poor Peoples Campaign

Lateresa A Jones America needs me Joe Kreps the people that BUILT this country knows what this country needs to be better 4 the grandkids, US the PEOPLE of Florida , all America’s people my ancestors came to this country fighting and you damn well better believe I AM going to fight 4 what’s right 4 the people in this country. 65 more words


Dr. Heath Cliff Huxtable

Best Actor Award goes to Dr. Heath Cliff Huxtable for displaying to the world mental illness in action, multiple personalities, raping countless women over 50 years of your career, the largest record known to the world, becoming the first known Black- Serial Rapist, thank-you for opening up the conversation of rape. 11 more words

Bill & Camille Cosby Morals vs. Money

“The Truth Must Be Spoken”

Help Black America and the world learn to heal from “mental illness occurred by childhood abuses. Stand up and be the person we have known you to be. 139 more words

The Real Truth De"Andre Johnson, Sheriff Morris Young & William "Willie" N. Meggs

Florida and Racism Calling it what it is!

In order to defeat a problem it must be DISCUSSED with honesty. Racism is taught and practiced it has become a generational system. 369 more words

Black Cops: Part Of The Solution Or Part Of The Problem?

BY: Michael H Cottman/Black America Web.com

Could the strained relationships between police and the Black community improve if there were more African- American cops patrolling predominantly Black neighborhoods? 982 more words