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On The Shelf - Evil Twin Brewing Yin Imperial Taiji Stout

By The Gentleman

Do you know what’s fun? Standing around an open bonfire feeling its warmth while roasting marshmallows. That is until you realise you stink of smoke and your clothes are covered in little flakes of ash. 495 more words

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Style Competition Gets Fierce with the Black and Tan Challenge

If you’re ready to shed that winter coat and be fashionably inspired, Megan Summerville can do that by way of a unique project that’s got local design at the forefront. 51 more words


WAIT! What did he just say?!?

This particular post is inspired by Josh Wrenn’s post: https://myfridayblog.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/10-reasons-for-british-jealousy/#comment-606.

Years ago, when I first came to CA, I worked in a British pub.  It wasn’t the typical America bar, but really had a pub feel to it. 603 more words

Writings By Lynn K. Scott

Digital Marketing gone wrong

Most corporations must now “market in a digital world”. The “always on” consumer (and business consumer too) is able, and increasingly likely, to search, enquire, interact, complain, buy and pay through mobile devices (Stone and Woodcock 2014). 564 more words

mackie will make you smile

i was feeling kind of grumpy, kind of blue. then i turned around in my chair and saw this. he is happy to be alive!

Ohhhhh Wilbur

Last week, we said goodbye to one amazing little buddy. Wilbur was rescued from a neglect situation after he was brought into the veterinary clinic I used to work for. 285 more words


Homebrew Wednesday 49: #Doublefisted_Updates

After not posting a Homebrew Wednesday video last week I thought it would be cool to start with something interesting and unique i.e. to open with footage of me pouring a homebrew Black and Tan consisting of my pilsner and breakfast stout. 65 more words