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Constable Commits Murder in Dunlavin

Full title: Running with crows: the life and death of a Black and Tan

Creator / Author: DJ Kelly

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West Wicklow Studies

Are the Irish Really THAT Horny? Gerald Of Wales Thinks So

It’s difficult for Americans to really understand a relationship that goes back, literally thousands of years. It’s the pitfall of being such a young nation. While we may have relationships that can be traced back at least two centuries ago, in the weight of the associations that exist between the people of Europe, we’re talking about interactions that occurred even to the point of the Roman Empire. 1,989 more words

1921 - Carrowkennedy Ambush, Co Mayo: Michael Kilroy and the IRA's West Mayo Flying Column ambushed a convoy of RIC and Black and Tans.

The ambush was organised by Major General Michael Kilroy, later Commandant of the 4th Western Battalion of the IRA. He and his flying column of 33 volunteers took up position between Widow Sammon’s House and that of Widow McGreal in Carrowkennedy and awaited a Royal Irish Constabulary patrol. 172 more words

Irish History

1921 – A group of Black and Tans travelling from Listowel towards Athea arrested four young men (Paddy Dalton, Paddy Walsh, Jerry Lyons, Con Dee) in Gortaglanna, Co Kerry.

A troop of Black and Tans were travelling out from Listowel towards Athea when they arrested four young unarmed men in Gortaglanna. Prior to this the barracks in Listowel had been burnt out and the troops, heavy with drink and bent on revenge decided to execute the young men. 137 more words

Irish History

The Sack of Balbriggan, Co.Dublin, Ireland.

On the 20th of September 1920, the quiet fishing village of Balbriggan was burnt down by the Black and Tans. This became known as the “Sack of Balbriggan”. 1,451 more words

1920 – The first ‘Black and Tans’ (auxiliary policemen) officially arrive in Ireland.

Although they would be operational for less than two years, the “Black and Tans” would become one of the most reviled names in Irish history. 458 more words

Irish History