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8th April 1886. Struggle for the Irish Free State.

An 1801 Act abolished the Irish Parliament: later and up to World War I, there were four Bills relating to Home Rule. 

It was Today in 1886 that Liberal, Prime-Minister, Gladstone, introduced the first Bill, allied with the Irish Nationalists. 399 more words


1920 – The first ‘Black and Tans’ (auxiliary policemen) officially arrive in Ireland.

Although they would be operational for less than two years, the “Black and Tans” would become one of the most reviled names in Irish history. 458 more words

Irish History

1921 – A number of IRA attacks take place in Co Kerry.

Headford Ambush

The Kerry No.2 Brigade Flying Column organised the Headford Ambush who, while billeted in the vicinity of Headford on 21 March 1921, learned that a detachment of British troops were due to return by train from Kenmare to Tralee later that day, and decided to ambush them. 499 more words

Irish History

1921 – The IRA ambush a convoy of RIC and Black and Tans near Dungarvan, Co Waterford.

George Lennon had begun fighting Crown forces at age fifteen, was twice imprisoned, and fought on the Republican side in the Civil War and commanded his own Flying Column in Waterford. 271 more words

Irish History

On This Day - Drivetime - 11 December 1920 - The burning of Cork by the Auxiliaries with the assistance of the Black and Tans.

The events of the night of 11/12 December 1920 in Cork probably had their origins in the killing of seventeen members of the Royal Irish Constabulary on 28 November in Kilmichael. 704 more words

Terminology: 'Tan War' or 'War of Independence'?

So is the ‘Tan War’ or ‘War of Independence’ the preferred term to describe the period from 1919 to the truce in 1921? Next year will be the centenary of the Easter Rising of 1916, which was known at the time as the ‘Sinn Féin Rebellion’ and other variants of ‘Rebellion’ (‘Easter’ or ‘Irish’ or just ‘1916’). 629 more words

The Coverage of the Sack of Balbriggan, County Dublin (1920) in a selection of British broadsheets

Just thought I would share my research on my hometown with you all! Enjoy!

Fig 1. Clonard Street after the sack of Balbriggan

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