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Weekly Painting Week 74- I. Just. Can't. Greyscale Figure Painting

More figure work in black, white and grey. Warmed up grey for the skin tones and cool greys for everything else. Gamblin oils on bristol, 11 x 14″

Weekly Painting

Monochrome painting 36 x 36 inches

I love abstraction and its versatility. To make this piece, I specially made foam brushes to execute this painting. The painting consists of various fluid waves and geometric shapes put together in this black and white piece. 12 more words

Weekly Painting Week 72- Do over Black and White Figure Painting

I had a great teacher, Maria, who told us sometimes when things aren’t working out, turn the painting to the wall and do something else. Sometimes that’s the best thing you can do. 84 more words

The ELEGIES for Wayne

I’ve added a new page to this site, a “gallery”showing a selection of paintings from this past year. ¬†Altogether, there are over 30 Elegies and… 97 more words

Current Work

1st commission

This is the first commission I have done. I spent about 15 hours on it total.


Daily Doodle: Lightning Goddess (WIP)

Today I’ve only worked on this, and so far have put about 5 hours into it. I will start coloring it when I have all the values how I want them which shouldn’t be too far away.


Greyscale Nude

Here is my latest painting, acrylic on canvas, 61 x 91 cm:

This painting was a little difficult. It took me longer to complete than I had anticipated cause working in greyscale does my head in. 16 more words