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Rock Display

So sorry I haven’t posted in the past few days. I had a cold then I injured my back after sneezing with said cold. Yes, you read right! 26 more words




It was cold and windy when he stepped out of the publishing house. While its appearance was uninviting, its cragginess still appealed to him nevertheless.  417 more words



A giant man of rusting steel sits gazing out across the sea in permanent thought. Flat cap, large overcoat with his walking stick in one hand just peacefully reflecting on life. 62 more words


Fender Bender

A friend once told me “do not try to fend off the good” apparently this has always been my problem according to her.  Given that it is non-clinical, and it is encroached upon the merits that it is all based on pure alcohol induced speculation, I guess, I should believe her prognosis. 318 more words


The Path

Took this photograph with my iPhone. It is at White Point Park on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.


Sunlight transforms a place

as shadows collect

contrast appears

dark aspects revealed

less is concealed

For WPC: Transformation