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Retired Suitcases

The kitchen door swung open and the prism made it home through. As his wrinkled eyes welcomed the dawn, old cigars from the drawer case were lined up on the tabletop as if a celebration called for it, as if yesterday has left behind its shape. 343 more words


Ralph Hoyte - Bristol Based Writer and Poet

The bicycle is dismounted, trouser clips, helmet and boots are removed unceremoniously, a warm greeting offered. We immediately venture into the kitchen for lunch. My pet dog Poppy makes a fuss and seeks attention. 89 more words


A Rainbow's End

A war to end all wars. To pay the ultimate sacrifice to afford freedom to others. Never forget the price paid when you see the tears flowing and the wretched signs of fear scaring the faces of those trying to escape tyranny and war. 84 more words


Under the kindness of the dark

The pictures rolled past by me suddenly like some distant, familiar memory that kept on coming back only they were not mine to take.  An inkling of white foam now forms at the corner of my lip as I drowsed.  353 more words



She slid inside a half dark room, where grimy portraits of her dead and almost dead relatives hung.  Her family has a strong affinity with spirituality that she always thought this accustom was over the top eerie. 491 more words


Bath Streets

Earning an income from the streets of bath city centre. The artist who stands perfectly still awaiting the clinging of coins in the collection box at their feet. 18 more words



Light…shade… I have a lot of love for natural beauty at the moment. I had to step to the left to avoid the abandoned tray of chips getting into the photograph. 20 more words