Westlicht Wien Hungary 56 – Pictures of a Revolution

In 2015 refugees were a big issue in Europe. In border areas in particular the agitation and the stream of people seeking refuge could be noticed. 336 more words


Black Days are Here Again

It’s been so long since I’ve been into my (almost) daily groove of writing. Usually, I’m in a end-of-year funk that lasts until February, roughly. It doesn’t have anything to do with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) because I love rain, snow, the cold, and bleak days. 724 more words


There is a peaceful community

in a place of burned up hopes,

beside the tracks of dreams 

that drifted away

on the edge of a village… 42 more words


Ahead, the goal

This fire lookout is at the very top of the mountain; the elevation is about 9,600 feet. The building dates to the 1940s, and is considered to be most unique lookout in the Southwest. 16 more words


Grass Root Level (Monochrome Monday)

The snowfall we received at the beginning of the month is forever etched in my mind. They were the lightest and fluffiest snowflakes I’d seen for the longest time. 38 more words


Cuckmere Haven at dusk

The WordPress Reader may destroy the composition of this image – so if you are viewing it in the Reader and don’t see people (on the left) and cottages (on the right) as intended – and understandably think what a boring image –  please open the Post so you can view it properly. 149 more words