An Oasis in the Desert – Boodjamulla National Park

Situated in the Gulf Savannah country of northern Australia, with its deep gorges and craggy rocky outcrops, is the rugged and spectacularly beautiful Boodjamulla National Park… 597 more words


A Place In The Sun

I marvel how Hollywood manages to adapt novels into screenplays and then into movies. It’s hard for me to imagine Theodore Dreiser ever dreaming that his novel “American Tragedy” (1923) could be transformed into the movie “A Place in the Sun” (1951) starring the ever moody Montgomery Clift and the translucent Elizabeth Taylor. 123 more words

Black And White Photography

Excerpt from a book not contemplated

It was late when father finally came home. He went straight to bed and slept uncommon late in the morning. Out of respect we waited breakfast, and managed to keep the table talk off politics and the market. 214 more words