As a child the concept of heaven and hell was best understood by me while watching the cartoon ‘Tom and Jerry’.

In one particular episode, Tom dies and a long, very long staircase comes which takes him right up to heaven. 331 more words

All Izz Well

A Walk Through The Rockeries

Since returning from Europe, I’ve been spending time exploring my new neighbourhood on foot. I’ve already checked our McKay Lake and Beechwood Cemetery. This week, I took a walk though The Rockeries, a section of Rockliffe Park, before descending down to the shores of the Ottawa River at the New Edinburgh Club. 156 more words


Listen : 2009

Listen : 2009
Series : Dark Light
Archival Print : Open Edition
31cm x 31cm | $90

“When I am not worried, stressed about the obstacles I face, I can listen clearly to the Holy Spirit’s voice guiding me on where to go next.”

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Bunker 309 (Sudbury, MA)

When you go to a new place and find something totally unexpected, it can really jar you but also spark the imagination. That’s what happened to me, at the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge, when I wandered into the path of the ruins(?) of these military bunkers. 53 more words

Black And White Photography

Dry Season

It’s drought season on my WordPress until January.

If you want to stalk me until then, check out my Tumblr and IG (which I finally created after many years of vowing to never create an Instagram account). 9 more words