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Photoessay: Monochromes from Luzern

Escaping boxes

Today I present a small selection of black and white images from a lazy afternoon in Luzern, Switzerland – there was definitely a feeling of summer malaise amongst both visitors and tourists, and even the hardware felt like it was taking a day off. 276 more words


White noise

Exorcised from all social networks
Must admit it feels fucking amazing

Thoughts and imagery will live here

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Star Cushion

This sweater-to-cushion transformation has its own star on our walk of fame. A standout addition to any room, this cushion takes itself seriously – but not too seriously!

  • 12″ x 12″
  • $30
Home Furnishings

Top Shopping Tote

It’s pretty obvious that this handy shopping tote was created from a tank top. Perfect for carrying your fruits and veg, it’s soft, stretchy, and styling.

  • $10

Sleepy Days

So I’ve tried to take a few days to step away from my camera. But yesterday I couldn’t help myself when, right before I was getting ready to head to work, I caught my husband and oldest passed out on the couch. 14 more words