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kitch·en (kiCH(ə)n) noun

a room or area where food is prepared and cooked.

In response to cee’s b&w: kitchen

Photo Challenges

Seven Days of Black and White

I got sucked into the #7daysofblackandwhite challenge that is floating around social media these days.  But it was kind of a cool exercise.  Below are my photos.  23 more words

Confederate States Of America, Grave Yard

This is a section of an old southern cemetery that dates back to the US civil war. Most of the cemetery is filled with the South Carolina regiments, however there are several soldiers from other states. 21 more words


Marlene finished

Her hand was the hardest part. It was hard to see its position clearly with all the shadows. I spent a lot of time posing my own hand in the mirror to try and figure it out. 26 more words

Black And White

Black and White Photo Challenge

I was challenged by a kind hearted writer of ‘ myexpressionofthoughtsblog‘ for black and white photo challenge.

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