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Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power @ the Tate Modern

Sunday was the long-awaited trip to the Tate Modern to see Soul of a Nation: Art in the age of Black Power. In short, it did not disappoint. 516 more words



what do you take
for the calcification of desire,
what pushes out the aortic stone,
sometimes caught in the left chamber,
sometimes the throat?

i take a tincture dropper filled with the memory of… 47 more words

Black Art


The shore is self-realized, every
minute mineral owned by itself and the others,
and meets but does not need the ocean, although
passersby see them exist as one, like the sky… 65 more words

Black Poetry

How do you become?

“I feel like I tell you everything and you don’t share any bit of your life with me” he said leaning on the counter stirring lo mein in his Superman bowl. 1,032 more words


You still up” I said I poked my head through the door.
“Yea come in” he said putting the tv remote down.
I got onto the bed to lay next to him. 342 more words

Picking Up the pieces pt 3.

“Introduce me to your friend” I said to my brother as I sat in the chair next to his desk. He was at the computer working, but I was staring at the girl who stopped to talk to another colleague in the hall. 2,727 more words