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Black on Black Love

I’m not going to post the link, but that familiar, catchy beat is the same of that cringeworthy Chris Brown song. How people can actually listen to the entire track is beyond me. 187 more words

Black Love

Black Girls Can Be Magical Too

Recently, I finished a novel titled Promise of Shadows, written by Justina Ireland. I came across an article online, listing about 5 or 6 novels, written with diversity in mind. 613 more words

Black Authors

Expecting Black Artists To Be Activists

If you’re a Black artist, do you need to speak about Black issues? Do you need to make “Black art” or art specifically about Blackness? Some would say we cannot afford to make art just for the sake of art. 922 more words

Blackademically Inclined


Tonight was great night! Got the chance to witness great art at an exhibit at Paint Craze Gallery-Charlotte, NC. The art show was entitled “The Dirty Hippie”. 69 more words


Queens of KING

OMG, y’all! The day has come! Maybe you saw my post on the beautiful trio of queens that make up KING? If not, get your life together. 170 more words


The Open-Journal: Day 7 - The Way We Burn: A Micro-fiction

“Is it safe to say I met you under the flame?” He asked, wrapped like closed hands around her body, tight and secure. It was intentionally figurative. 194 more words

The Open Journal