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Recognition and acceptance to African American art!

Every community has its own art form that people practice for years and decades and even for centuries. In fact, in most of the cases, different races of the people are usually identified with their art forms only. 237 more words

African American

The Gregarious Master Of Acrylic Art; Meet Ali

Hey girl hey! Welcome back to another post and I wanted to let you all know that I’m doing a new segment called “Dope Ones To Know”. 2,608 more words


The Hill

2006, 15 years old

When the moon and the stars are shining down on the hill,
And the wind, and the grass, and the trees are still, 159 more words


Heaven & Earth

Let’s lay out the food!
Let’s break out the wine!
Let’s celebrate!

I found Krishna; he wasn’t blue. It’s my
favorite color, but I-

I don’t wish he was. 109 more words

Black Art

Above & Beyond

2004, 14 years old

You should hover
The air shouldn’t allow you to drop
And soil your precious feet in its dirt
Make the ground envious of what it could never have… 87 more words

Black Art

The song

2005, 15 years old

cross-legged she sits in wait of the
part in the song where
she can

open her mouth and swallow
herself to… 37 more words

Black Art