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Ishbel Myerscough in conversation with Jessica Rutterford

Ishbel Myerscough will discuss her figurative painting practice with Jessica Rutterford of Flowers Gallery. Myerscough’s painting Krishenda won the prestigious BP Portrait Award in 1995, and her work is currently on display alongside Chantal Joffe in the joint exhibition Friendship Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery.

Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Road


Live and Twirl, Pretty Girl!

What’s up, world?! I’m back, I’m alive and I’m feeling BETTER THAN EVER! So much has happened since the last time I posted (both good and bad), but I’m going to share a generous piece of my experiences with you. 281 more words


still introductions


the slow yellow peel of wing
from body. the canary still remembers
the shy first breeze’s kiss, the liminal
steps between awkward and the… 350 more words

Black Art

My Henna Tattoo is Fashionable but Not Permanent!

I love to see tattoos. I love singer Rihanna’s tattoos. I love the thought of having musical notes and symbols tattooed along my neck. I mean there are an infinite amount of brilliant tattoos for your visual pleasure. 232 more words

Black People

Book Bars: The Fifth Season (Part One)

Prologue – Chapter Four

***Spoilers could be in the mix here, so stop reading now if you don’t want any***

So I’ll be honest.  The opening to this story didn’t immediately grab my attention in the way that The Killing Moon did.  284 more words

Black Writer

God Help The Child: Your Guide for Low Down People

This novel purports itself as being Toni Morrison’s first novel set in our present moment.  Well, then I think it’s safe to say based on the work that she doesn’t think too much of the present.  1,181 more words

Black Women

Doyle Lane - Ceramist

As much as I love art, I’ve never really paid much attention to ceramics. So out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I decided to research the medium. 241 more words