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Tips for Understanding Black History Month- 2015 Edition

It’s that time of year again, Black History Month. Beginning every February in the United States, the country sets aside 28 (or 29 in a leap year) days to celebrate, discuss and engage Black History. 2,530 more words

Personal Musings

Black History 2015

What can southern trees tell  about the life and histories of African Americans in the United States?  What dangerous happenings took place in the whisper of darkness under these trees, on their branches, against their trunks?  73 more words

African Diaspora

The Rules Of Engagement - When Did The Dancers Take A Backseat?

Just the other day a good friend of mine sent me a YouTube clip of an “orbital rave” that occurred in 1989:

I am really happy to say that I actually attended this event.  381 more words


The Harlem Renaissance as Diaspora in Practice: A Short Note

The Harlem Renaissance, which spanned the 1920s, witnessed the rise of a politically-charged black intelligentsia on both sides of the (black) Atlantic–namely, though not limited to, such cultural capitals as New York and Paris. 366 more words

Paul Gilroy - Offshore Humanism: Human Rights and Hydrarchy

Modern port cities have always been special places. They were nodal points on the intersecting webs of trade, information and accumulation. At the quayside, land-based sovereignty confronted the unruly force of rivers and oceans as well as the distinctive habits, peregrinations and insubordinate mentalities of those who worked upon the waters. 2,429 more words


BFI Streams 'The Stuart Hall Project'

The Oscars are over. Yay! It is easy  to get lost in the sea of identity. Although it has been a deeply held childhood dream to appear on the Oscar stage I sometimes want to say ‘Fuck the Oscars!’ Why expend time hoping that ‘minority’ actors and filmmakers are accepted into a bourgoeise boys club that favors dominant image memes? 212 more words