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Black Bean Brownies (gluten and dairy free)

Adapting to a gluten free diet is, for me, a case of changing all my expectations. No matter what people might say, things without gluten just aren’t the same as things with. 477 more words


Black Bean Brownies

Amazing Black Bean Brownie Recipe

4 ounces unsweetened chocolate
1 cup unsalted butter
2 cups soft-cooked black beans, drained well (hs: canned is fine) 158 more words

Don't be scared of the Black Bean Brownie

You might be nervous about baking with black beans, but don’t be–they have a very mild flavor and are extremely rich, creamy, and full of protein.  200 more words


Black Bean Brownies

This is from the cooksrecipes website. One of my favorite sites that just has an endless amount of fantastic recipes! http://www.cooksrecipes.com/index.html

Black Bean Brownies

Black Bean BrowniesFortified with nutritious, fiber-rich black beans, you can feel good about serving your family and friends these tasty brownies for a special treat. 199 more words


Black Bean Brownie Cookies

So, let’s  just get this out of the way. These cookies are not visually appealing. They closely resemble something you might find along a trail in the forest. 331 more words

Brownies That are Healthy? Shut the Front Door!

Okay so I love a good brownie, a peanut butter brownie, a hot fudge brownie, a cream cheese swirl brownie,well you get the idea. So, since I am on the quest for better health through better nutrition, I sought out a healthier version of brownies, so I could have my cake and eat it to- so to speak. 295 more words

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(Black Bean) Brownies! Take 2

Oh, how I love a good brownie. Let me count the ways…This will be my fifth blog post about brownies (sixth if you count blondies), and my second recipe for black bean brownies (see the first recipe… 325 more words