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Some say..

“Some say natural hair isn’t for them. It’s attached to your head! It don’t get more “for you” than that”.

-Unknown Source

It doesn’t get anymore clearer than this! 113 more words


Finding Self!

With a new profound interest in public speaking, I have been so excited about the opportunity to impact lives.

I will be hosting a live talk this weekend, Sat.  163 more words

My Style

Naturally Imperfectly Perfect Hair

Some may think their hair has to meet some type of perfection standard in order to be natural. Honey, let me tell you.. that is far from the case! 234 more words



Being that it’s black history month I wanted to take this opportunity to remind every black woman that read this of just how beautiful you are. 870 more words

Your Culture

The skin I'm in

The skin I’m in may have a few spots, dimples or wrinkles but it is MY skin.
I own this skin! It is what makes me unique. 187 more words


Real talk...

And black women and their men everywhere are nodding their heads at this. You know when you get home and that straight wig comes off, and your hairs braided and your wrapping it up in all its black glory. Sad but true.

Black Lives Matter

Female Energy

The power of women has long been denied in this masculine driven society. My interpretation of women are strong, nurturing lovers who can turn the angriest lion into a mere pussycat. 64 more words

Affia Keys