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#GIRLTALK: The changing face of Black Beauty over the years [Pictures]

These African-American women could be described as the epitome of Black Beauty and glamour in their day.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… 84 more words

Beyonce opens up about being famous !!

Beyoncé rarely takes part in interviews nowadays and in comparison to most celebs, she has actually managed to lead what appears to be a rather private and “happy” life. 245 more words

“I Know Something You Don’t Know!”

A cruel taunt among children and a nasty tool of workplace politics, being the one in the know is delicious fun in children’s books. In  260 more words


Hair in it out 

So let’s have an honest moment from one black girl to the rest of the world it is hard having good hair whether it came to you naturally or you brought it at the nearest hair store. 1,408 more words


Get Ready With Me : 7- Steps for a Soft Glam neutral look

Hey friends, I am so excited that you’re back here in my blog. A minor change has been done on the blog this week-end, are you able to spot it? 625 more words


Natural hair/protective style

I did The Big  Chop last year April/ May 2014. I buy natural ingredients to make my shampoo, deep conditioner, detangle creams and my oils the only ready made products I buy is Giovanni direct leave in conditioner and Tresemme Naturals conditioner. I love being natural