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Daisuke seemed a bit sad… for a moment, he then proceeded to do several squats while talking to me.

“All I can do is keep training until I can defeat strong trainers such as yourself.” 45 more words


Giving up

My opponent recalled his pokémon before it began dissipating.

“You… you were so fast and efficient. Your pokémon defeated mine effortlessly.”

I hugged and congratulated my pokémon on his victory before returning him to his pokéball. 55 more words


Spiral of pain

I unleashed my Roggenrola who was more than eager to face his
opponent, an also more than eager poliwhirl.

“Prepare to face a worthy foe and be defeated promptly. 80 more words


Rough terrain

There was a path along the cliffs, between the rocks and boulders. It
headed back south but I thought it worth investigating.

Rocks of all shapes and sizes shaped a very narrow pathway where I… 103 more words


Black Belt

Just over seventeen years ago, I did my first black belt grading and I recently stumbled across an essay that my sensei at the time requested as part of the examination process. 2,092 more words

Advice For The Young And Impressionable

Dirty Boots: "What I'm Thankful For"

Every year at this time, we’re encouraged to consider and even share what we’re thankful for. Of course, I’m thankful for my family, for the life that God has given me, for health and relative prosperity, and for the opportunity to teach and write as my way of making a living. 531 more words