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"Concerted Effort By All Churches"

When it comes to racism in America, and specifically acts of violence against black Christians and black churches, the past is not even the past—it is a very present danger.

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What hate burns, love rebuilds...

As we get ready to wave our American flags this weekend, I feel extra proud of our country because of the recent human rights accomplishments we have made with the  262 more words


Understanding Domestic Persecution: Part 1

A church in flames against the backdrop of night is a strong and evocative image.

The tension swirling around the recent rash of Southern church fires in the US is understandable, given the history of terrorism against African American churches. 1,571 more words


Who Is Burning Black Churches and What God Do You Serve?

I’m trying to figure out who’s behind the recent string of attacks on Black Churches. I’m also trying to figure out where everybody who was claiming to be God’s mouthpiece last week, saying God has removed His hand from our nation and the end of days are near because of the SCOTUS decision are? 286 more words

South Carolina sees another Black church burned to the ground

According to the New York Times, yet another southern Black church was engulfed in flames last night, this time in Greeleyville, SC. A federal law enforcement says the fire was not arson, yet there are concerns that the church, Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church, was racially targeted. 187 more words



Greetings to you in the Resurrection Power of JESUS!

I am Yvonne Jones, founder and leader of Church Girl Millionaires, a faith movement to empower Church Girls like me to Emancipate our Wealth Creation Capacity for the Kingdom by the Resurrection Power of Jesus! 153 more words

Let It Burn - #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches

My mom was determined that I would be an intelligent child, so she taught me to read at an early age. She was also determined that I would be saved, so she killed two birds with one stone and taught me how to read by reading the King James Version of the Bible. 795 more words