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No, I'm not going to church but thanks for asking

I love my people but if I have to fake smile through one more invitation to church, I may scream! Okay, so I’m really about to lose my black card for what I’m about to say. 646 more words


Ideology and Dogmatism Vs. Black Power

Anytime you read or hear an organizer, leader or spokesperson discuss their ideas, policies, concerns, solutions or projects, you are observing elements of his/her ideology. 1,534 more words

Funny Friday: Black Church

God has a sense of humor and so do we. Let’s get the weekend started with a good laugh!

Why is Black Church so long? Lol. 15 more words


Why Black People Shouldn't Give Money To The Church Dr. Umar Johnson

This is exactly why I don’t go to church right now.  What is the church doing for me?  I used to ask that question over and over before I stopped going to church.

Cookie Communions & Sacred Parking Lots

I grew up churchy.

Yet, I have a complicated relationship with the Black Church. It is a relationship filled with both wonderful and painful memories. It is a place of deep community, culture, and love. 832 more words


The Desert Fathers: A Sad Omission of the Black Church

One of the first books I received when I converted to the Orthodox Church was “The Sayings of the Desert Fathers.” Only briefly in Malcolm X’s autobiography did I see any mention that we should even consider knowing about them.  1,384 more words